Bedtime and Pumpkins

I had been doing really good at getting to bed earlier each night.  Until last night, that is.  Mom decided we would make pumpkin soup from scratch for church.  This was because there were no more canned pumpkins, at home or in the store.  So begin to prepare this pumpkin at midnight… It takes an hour to get it to the oven.

Then we go to the back room to watch one of the best episodes ever of DS9, where Sisko gets stuck in a time variance in subspace and Jake lives out his life only seeing him at rare times.  It’s really touching…  In the middle of this, my little brother who also has Lyme comes into the room and plunks himself pathetically right in front of the monitor that the show is on.  Partly severe real need–in fact there was a bit of an emergency, and partly drama that freaked us out cause we were so focussed on the show.  He shot our nerves!!!  His heart was hurting him really badly and so I ended up helping him with that.  This Lyme stuff can be really crazy.  I think he let himself get way too acid when playing soccer earlier that afternoon, and didn’t do anything to help that.  He said he had several severe almost black-outs during the game and after…having to take breaks.  Its crazy what one will do, and be willing to go through, just to have fun on a special day.

After I had him take what was needed and his heart stopped hurting, he finally went on to bed.  Then we had to work on the pumkin.  Fresh gimongic pumpkins don’t have anywhere near the same flavor that canned pumpkin does.  Not sure why but that’s a definite.  Mom had also boiled some chicken and the broth it made was very stong and completely took over the taste of the soup.   So we stodd in ther tryign to get the soup to taste right for forever.  By that time our nerves were shot, we were both exhausted and we were snapping at each other.  The lesson is….never make pumpkin soup completely from scratch beginning at midnight.  If you go by the recipe with the canned pumpkin it only takes 10 minutes to put together.  What a contrast!!!

We got to bed about 3 something am.  I was too tired.  When dad got me up to get ready for church this morning I was so out of it, and very groggy like on the edge of sick.  I went back to sleep and got up in time to wake mom up and get ready to just go to the worship service.  She was super out-of-it too.  I crashed right into dad’s side of the bed and kept myself awake long enough to call my bro and ask him if he could make it….he had that same consuming exhaustion and told mom it was up to her on whether we went to church or not.

I fell back to sleep, and was quickly dreaming.  What I dreamed, LOL!!!!  I like my dreams….they are interesting things.  Of course they also let me know what I’ve bene thinking too much about.  Seriously, dreamign that Dr. K showed me how to do craniosacral (I don’t even think he does that in real-life….just recommends it.  And also dreamign that I go to an afternoon lunch with my NY friends, but I’m in new England instead of Va, where my NY friends live….and Dr. H is there…and takking about dessert, of all things.  ROFL.  Also dreamed some more “normal” stuff but it was so normal that I’ve forgotten.  I just love my dreams when they are stress free…  Finally woke up at about noon or 1pm.

Haven’t taken my supplements on any kind of a schedule today, because of the weird time to get up.

Thankfully it didn’t take too long to dive into my project of the day.  I got another email about my JudyLyrics website–needing an update for Judy’s latest album, Blessed, and a minor word correction.  LOL, one of my hidden talents is beginner-level HTML!!  🙂  hehe.  I had bene stalled about getting the site update though.  I had custom made the buttons using Paint, and a font that no longer exists, I had uploaded it using a program I no longer own, and the passcodes to the website I forgot a LONG time ago.  Wonderful combination to actually be able to get anything fixed.

But I realized….  WordPress is perfect, I can have a new look, and with a little html reformatting, I can have a fully revamped and updated website!  So I have worked on that all day…something I feel is a godly Lord’s Day kind of project.  so I got everything set up!  I need to send an email to Judy tomorrow with the update, and already shared this on FaceBook.  Take a look!  My only wish is that I could remove the timestamps on the posts.  I’m pretty proud of it…  LOL.

Tomorrow is gonna be all volunteer-work.  Oh! And I can’t forget to listen in as a guest of the ACT class tomorrow!!  Actually setting that on my phone to remind me.  I really don’t want to miss it.  I guess I’ve been feeling pretty decent lately.  🙂  Now back to correcting my sleep schedule.


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