Home Again

We got back from our WV trip on Saturday evening, and promptly went over to our friends’ house, had dinner and played Texas Hold’Em.   Here the summary of the entire week:

Mon: ACT class listen in, listened to Alvin to try get all I can! FB had a DramaBook day-stressful though not really depressing.

Tues: Travel to WV from NC, which means lots of latitude ups/downs.

Wed: I helped mom cook, took it easy to get acclimated to my new geographic location. We went to visit my grandmother and help her but she got mad at us and wouldn’t let us in…LOL, what a story.

Thurs: I worked open blisters into my hands by raking two big sections of dirt over the grass in my Pawpa’s yard where the lawn was sinking due to rotting tree roots. That evening, I vacuumed my grandmother’s house and did some major cleaning work in there… Took Alka Seltzer Gold because I felt “on an edge”

Fri: I helped mom cook, mopped two wooden porches (1.5-2 hours job), FB had turned DramaBook so I took my anger out on those porches!, and that evening I fertilized the yard. Then went shopping on top!

Sat: Stressful morning, travel back to NC, and had a good evening of poker with friends! [I actually understood the game better..Lyme fog normally descends after the first 5 minutes. This time wasn’t until about 20 minutes in that the Lyme fog started to hit]

I’m actually pretty excited about all this.  I haven’t worked anywhere NEAR this much on a trip in a very long time!  So some kind of change for the healthier must be happening.  Is listening in to ACT and going ahead and playing the CDs having THAT MUCH of an effect on me?  I’m thinking so, and cannot wait for my real classes to begin.

It is mid-Sunday.  I’m tired from the trip, but I haven’t crashed.  I could write lotsa’ details but won’t.  The basics are: I was feeling fine even though I was sleeping in a house with major mold issues and eating peanuts (which normally give me a mycotoxin headache).  I also broke my diet a few times by eating lots of a dairy and, yes, I indulged in a couple sweets!  Still chugging along.  I didn’t continue the practice of eating sweets today.  Sweet stuff is supposed to be a rare treat, and a rare treat it will remain.  My endurance and strength is what has seen a major change for the better–basically fatigue and weakness are not overpowering me.  Pain levels are basically the same.  Emotional and mental energy are varying a lot.  The difference is subtle and deep, but I think obvious.

I am continuing the get-to-bed-at-a-decent-hour challenge with a friend on FB, and we are kicking the competition up a notch!  Yipee.  This is a very good thing to do, if you really want to turn your schedule around.  There is nothing like incentive and competition!


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  1. September 26, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    I couldn’t resist changing the theme. Ahhhh….. Like it???

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