Hey there.  Thankfully that long trip to a funeral was canceled.  I have continued enjoying this lesser degree of pain!  To the topic:

I promised I would tell about salts…and frying the bugs.  LOL.  It actually all starts with water.  According to Emoto, water holds and receives messages, or frequencies.  This message is seen in the water crystals when the water is frozen. It is the salts (I’m talking about more than just sodium) which conduct messages and frequencies throughout our body.  The exchange of minerals through the cell walls via water conducts the electric of the body.  It is incredible to realize what all goes into a nerve impulse getting where it was intended, or the contract-release action of a muscle.  If there weren’t those salts and their interaction with the water and other good stuff, there wouldn’t be any electrical impulse getting anywhere…flat line.

I learned intuitively quite soon after learning how to muscle test, that if I was thirsty my accuracy wouldn’t be so great.  I would go get a drink of water, and pretty quickly…I could test accurately again.  I could test accurately again even faster, in fact almost instantly, if I put some Himalayan salt or some trace minerals in the water.  Even the Bioplasma, aka 12 Cell Salts, would do the trick.  I thought that was really cool.  Anyway…the reason this works is it helps your body communicate and get the signals and respond to the energy field of whatever is being tested.  It finally crossed my mind that we can zap bugs better and faster if we’ve got enough water and minerals.  It’s simple, but big.

Good Day

I slept great last night in my own bed, and did not need the help of melatonin.  I woke up this morning and wasn’t in an as much pain.  My neck pain was at a 6 (unusually low for all times!) and stayed that way until I let some muscles tense up as I was chopping onions.  My energy for the day was nice too.

Have another trip, and am leaving tomorrow after church. Going to a funeral to be there for my relatives.  We’re coming back on Monday after the funeral.  I’m headed to bed now…


Hey, been a while! I’m writing while on our way back from family vacation in Massanutten. Well actually I’m sitting in a parking lot outside of where we ate breakfast. I’ll get ya up to speed.

Started ACT classes on Wednesday of last week. I had a cold/flu then, so I had really look for the changes. Thankfully, I got mostly over the cold by the next day! My energy came back first, and my fatigue is basically happening only 50% of the time. It had been 70% of the time…wonderful difference. My joint pain was also a little lessened once I got past the on/off low-grade fevers of the cold, which was very nice. My neck got stiffer and had more pain during the cold/flu thing, and didn’t really clear up.

On Tuesday of this week, our family drove to Massanutten. We took a leisurely mosey of a drive to get there, so were on the road for about 6 hours. By the time we got there I was out of patience because my neck was hurting so bad. I just wanted to cry or scream, or both! My joints were also flaming up from the travel. My joints don’t like travel

Trying to fall asleep that night was beyond difficult, and I was trying to sleep in the same bed with my mom. Making both of us miserable. Wimper from neck pain, shift, joints snapping, shoulder grind, wimper again, groan, “Please stop,” “sorry,” “it’s ok, I know you’re miserable; trying to stay pretty still so hopefully you get comfy,” “Thanks.” I move the pillow and try to get comfy, try melatonin, but it doesn’t help the pain any. Just makes me dizzy tired and my own pain kept waking me up, wimper.

What was nice on the first night, was seeing 4 deer, a skunk and a fox as we were coming into the hotel. LOL! The next night, mom saw a racoon skimper out of a pear tree, and we saw yet more deer and foxes. It’s wild out here…I’m just glad we didn’t see a bear.

My second ACT class was this Wednesday. I grabbed my folder and put it in my bag with my bathing suit. We went to the Rec Center at Massanutten and were gonna swim a while in the pool. My bro had a great time on the diving board. My neck was still so stiff I couldn’t really function. Thankfully there was a hot tub! I got in the hot tub and seriously considered calling in to my class using my mom’s waterproof phone, LOL. But it was about 2 hours before class time. I used the jets on my neck and back. Ahhh. Also used it on nearly all my muscles and my feet. I had lots of points triggering off, but managed to dull most the pains, and eliminated a few. Most of the muscular stuff doesn’t hurt till there is pressure on it, so the jets were yow but good.

My turn to talk with Gary was pretty hectic, because we were trying to leave the Rec at the same time! Nonetheless it was a good call, and some codes were focused for my neck. Other classmates had symptoms that were ones I have to deal with everyday too. I love that there is such a great symptom overlap (even if those symptoms are not fun!) as this helps everyone to connect and also helps the codes work for everyone. After class I listened to the CD like you’re supposed to. Even during the codes being read I could feel my neck focussing on the area that hurt, and it heat up and had a pulsating type pain. My normal neck pain does not pulsate! The pain of this came and went during the hour

At first I tried to nap, but then my brothers and dad were cutting up: trying to tie two strips of toilet paper without ever letting go of any end…and one of them was in the middle. They did not succeed, LOL. Once it was done, and with much pestering from my family to “hurry up!” (you can only finish 1 hour of listening to something in 1 hour…not sooner, hello!), we went to dinner. This whole trip has been breaking the diet: we ate pizza, even with the tomato sauce and cheese. The onion was probably the only redeeming thing. If you can’t break your diet on vacation, what’s a vacation for?? LOL. I did ok, kinda.

I slept more restfull once people finally turned their lights and computers off that night. By that point my neck was already feeling better, hallelujah. It didn’t feel great, but it felt a good bit better, the pain was tolerable…something I can definitely sleep through.

Thursday was water park day. We had breakfast at the Thunderbird Cafe. Their food was amazing, and yes, I even had 6 bites or so of 6 different desserts. I really couldn’t resist, 🙂 . It did make me quite sleepy and I bulked up on probiotics once we got home. We stopped at a serplus store first, and hung aroudn there much longer than I would have liked, LOL. Mom got a cute tag made with a great picture of our dog, Berta, on it. My brother got a hilarious false “dog tag.” My other bro had a shopping spree… finally we got back tot he hotel and got ready for the water park. The water park was awesome, and I was so glad my neck was only hurting at an 8, instead of the 10 it had been at. It was a little stiff, but not so stiff that I felt it would break if some waterfall unexpectedly landed on my head, or a slide took an unexpected turn. The day before, I couldn’t have had any fun at all. But Thursday I did really feel a lot better. We spent about 6 hours there, and I snacked on my probiotic protein shake throughout to keep my energy up. It worked, I probably slid down the slides 30 or more times. Lots of stair climbing to do that. It was a really good day.

After the water park closed we got cleaned up and went to Clementine Cafe in Harrisonburg. The place is artsy and beautiful.  They also had a neat live rock band there. They were more like jamming, nothing too hard. And the food was incredible and very healthy. Wonderful experience all around! 🙂 I do think that this trip has been the best of 3 Massanutten vacations.

I was more sore last night as I tried to go to sleep, and my neck wasn’t so happy anymore, but what can you expect after a wild and fun day?  I’m pretty tired today, and will see how things ride. LOL, I still feel the good pulsating pain at times in my neck, and in my shoulders…It really does feel quite different than the normal pains. I think ACT is working, and am delighted about this. I give my body a challenge on trips.

Another thing that has improved during this week is that the mucous stuff from the cold is finally beginning to clear up. Taking Kali Suph has helped a lot….but I noticed yesterday afternoon that my mucous had lost the color, and gone clear. Now my sinuses are mostly dry. Whether this is from Act codes or the wonderful salt water at the water park, I don’t know. I mixed two very good factors, and maybe the salt water helped my body get going in the right direction. You need salt for the electrical action of frying bugs! That’s another topic…one that I’ve talked about with LLMD, and will share next post, I guess.

Looking forward to getting home and sleeping at proper hours. I’m also looking forward to being in Ga at the end of this month!!! Woohoo!

Squash Soup and Purple Socks

It’s that time of year!  I’m actually heating up a pot of butternut squash soup right now, so that I can have it for breakfast.

Despite going to bed at a pretty decent time, I slept late because I woke up in the middle of the night with a congested head and my ear and throat hurting…making it painful to swallow.  I must have caught that flu/cold bug that the kids at church had–and it makes sense…don’t colds/flu incubate for 2-3 days before you get symptoms?  I’d been good and tried to get sunshine…and took some vit C yesteday.  I got up and took 1/2 a vial of oscillo, and it seems to help a little, and I went back to sleep.  At least I’m not any worse today, I got up and took 7 grams of vit C (2g as EmergenC, the rest as C-complex pills).  It’s just annoying, and I’m pretty tired.

My ACT classes are starting today!!  WOOOT!!!!!!!!!!  haha…  Let’s just hope this dumb cold/flu doesn’t get in the way!  As soon as my soup is warm, I’m getting a bowl, and going back to bed.  I think I overdid it yesterday.  I worked pretty hard yesterday, stood for hours to help mom change out her summer/winter wardrobe, and vacuumed 4 rooms, and helped mom spray everything down pretty thoroughly with cinnamon leaf essential oil.  Soup should be warm now.  Bye!

More good yet….

It’s been a week since left WV.  I haven’t “crashed.”  Although I haven’t worked anywhere near as much, I ahve been getting up and functioning…dong the daily things that need to get done.  On Monday I listened in to the ACT class again.  It was very good.  That class was beginning to deal with emotional toxins.

On Tuesday, I began my period.  The first day is normally pure misery….pain so bad that I can’t even function!   It has been that way almost every time.  The only exception is back in very early 2009, when the Lyme was mostly in remission.  This time it hurt some, but the intensity varied from 3-7 throughout the day, rather than 8-10 non-stop.  There were a few short spells of time where I didn’t have this pain at all.  My exhaustion was at an 8 or a 9 that day, but I pushed through it and was able to do the laundry, go shopping, and cook.  The comparison:  there really is none!  I cannot attribute this to anything but ACT.  I have not changed my supplements, and I have not had such a tolerable “first day” since I was re-infected…and especially not since I began to fall hard last October, and hit rock-bottom in December.

On Thursday I listened in to another ACT call.  That group was pretty far along, and they dealt with neck/shoulder issues and bone/joint degeneration.  The codes were pretty head on for me.  At first, my constant neck pain reduced a lot, but my fizzle-outs got worse and mood was terrible.  Like not enough blood was getting to my brain.  Then suddenly my mood was fine, but my neck was popping and snapping like crazy…and hot.  Then it would get stiff, and I’d get brain-foggy.  Then I’d be fine again, able to think quite clearly and the pain in my neck being down.  It’s really a localized herx!  The effect is continuing…  At this point the symptoms are just moving around.  Yesterday I got a very herxy-headache, and the popping and snapping in my neck has continued.

Admittedly…my response to the Advanced Cell Training is pretty surprising, because I haven’t even actually started yet.  I’ve just been listening in to the call and listening to the CD that is part of the program.  Ok, that is about 1/2 the program.  I am a hypersensitive…and have heard that many don’t see this much of a response when just listening in.  Most people begin to see changes 2-3 weeks into the classes…which I haven’t even gotten to yet!  It is really exciting!

One other thing is that with the season change, I am really wanting to get on fish oils, for the Omegas an the vitamin D.  I’ve got a bottle of the good stuff sitting in the fridge, by Xymogen…  Also haven’t really felt any need for B-complex.  That’s good…it means my energy has been better.  My sleep is better since I’m taking melatonin as much as I want.  The important thing is to get my sleep schedule right!  An FB friend and I are competing to go to bed at a better time, and I think it is working, slowly but surely.

Last of all:  I’m getting rid of this new theme.  LOL, It was nice to have the change, but I like the old one, a lot better, even if I am tired of it!