More good yet….

It’s been a week since left WV.  I haven’t “crashed.”  Although I haven’t worked anywhere near as much, I ahve been getting up and functioning…dong the daily things that need to get done.  On Monday I listened in to the ACT class again.  It was very good.  That class was beginning to deal with emotional toxins.

On Tuesday, I began my period.  The first day is normally pure misery….pain so bad that I can’t even function!   It has been that way almost every time.  The only exception is back in very early 2009, when the Lyme was mostly in remission.  This time it hurt some, but the intensity varied from 3-7 throughout the day, rather than 8-10 non-stop.  There were a few short spells of time where I didn’t have this pain at all.  My exhaustion was at an 8 or a 9 that day, but I pushed through it and was able to do the laundry, go shopping, and cook.  The comparison:  there really is none!  I cannot attribute this to anything but ACT.  I have not changed my supplements, and I have not had such a tolerable “first day” since I was re-infected…and especially not since I began to fall hard last October, and hit rock-bottom in December.

On Thursday I listened in to another ACT call.  That group was pretty far along, and they dealt with neck/shoulder issues and bone/joint degeneration.  The codes were pretty head on for me.  At first, my constant neck pain reduced a lot, but my fizzle-outs got worse and mood was terrible.  Like not enough blood was getting to my brain.  Then suddenly my mood was fine, but my neck was popping and snapping like crazy…and hot.  Then it would get stiff, and I’d get brain-foggy.  Then I’d be fine again, able to think quite clearly and the pain in my neck being down.  It’s really a localized herx!  The effect is continuing…  At this point the symptoms are just moving around.  Yesterday I got a very herxy-headache, and the popping and snapping in my neck has continued.

Admittedly…my response to the Advanced Cell Training is pretty surprising, because I haven’t even actually started yet.  I’ve just been listening in to the call and listening to the CD that is part of the program.  Ok, that is about 1/2 the program.  I am a hypersensitive…and have heard that many don’t see this much of a response when just listening in.  Most people begin to see changes 2-3 weeks into the classes…which I haven’t even gotten to yet!  It is really exciting!

One other thing is that with the season change, I am really wanting to get on fish oils, for the Omegas an the vitamin D.  I’ve got a bottle of the good stuff sitting in the fridge, by Xymogen…  Also haven’t really felt any need for B-complex.  That’s good…it means my energy has been better.  My sleep is better since I’m taking melatonin as much as I want.  The important thing is to get my sleep schedule right!  An FB friend and I are competing to go to bed at a better time, and I think it is working, slowly but surely.

Last of all:  I’m getting rid of this new theme.  LOL, It was nice to have the change, but I like the old one, a lot better, even if I am tired of it!


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