Squash Soup and Purple Socks

It’s that time of year!  I’m actually heating up a pot of butternut squash soup right now, so that I can have it for breakfast.

Despite going to bed at a pretty decent time, I slept late because I woke up in the middle of the night with a congested head and my ear and throat hurting…making it painful to swallow.  I must have caught that flu/cold bug that the kids at church had–and it makes sense…don’t colds/flu incubate for 2-3 days before you get symptoms?  I’d been good and tried to get sunshine…and took some vit C yesteday.  I got up and took 1/2 a vial of oscillo, and it seems to help a little, and I went back to sleep.  At least I’m not any worse today, I got up and took 7 grams of vit C (2g as EmergenC, the rest as C-complex pills).  It’s just annoying, and I’m pretty tired.

My ACT classes are starting today!!  WOOOT!!!!!!!!!!  haha…  Let’s just hope this dumb cold/flu doesn’t get in the way!  As soon as my soup is warm, I’m getting a bowl, and going back to bed.  I think I overdid it yesterday.  I worked pretty hard yesterday, stood for hours to help mom change out her summer/winter wardrobe, and vacuumed 4 rooms, and helped mom spray everything down pretty thoroughly with cinnamon leaf essential oil.  Soup should be warm now.  Bye!


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