Hey there.  Thankfully that long trip to a funeral was canceled.  I have continued enjoying this lesser degree of pain!  To the topic:

I promised I would tell about salts…and frying the bugs.  LOL.  It actually all starts with water.  According to Emoto, water holds and receives messages, or frequencies.  This message is seen in the water crystals when the water is frozen. It is the salts (I’m talking about more than just sodium) which conduct messages and frequencies throughout our body.  The exchange of minerals through the cell walls via water conducts the electric of the body.  It is incredible to realize what all goes into a nerve impulse getting where it was intended, or the contract-release action of a muscle.  If there weren’t those salts and their interaction with the water and other good stuff, there wouldn’t be any electrical impulse getting anywhere…flat line.

I learned intuitively quite soon after learning how to muscle test, that if I was thirsty my accuracy wouldn’t be so great.  I would go get a drink of water, and pretty quickly…I could test accurately again.  I could test accurately again even faster, in fact almost instantly, if I put some Himalayan salt or some trace minerals in the water.  Even the Bioplasma, aka 12 Cell Salts, would do the trick.  I thought that was really cool.  Anyway…the reason this works is it helps your body communicate and get the signals and respond to the energy field of whatever is being tested.  It finally crossed my mind that we can zap bugs better and faster if we’ve got enough water and minerals.  It’s simple, but big.


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