Getting Organized

I feel like things are just falling into place!  🙂  I spent three days last week working on the family soap business, on the business/networking end.  LOL…not my favorite thing to do but I was doing it and it wasn’t draining everything I had.  I also was catching up on an unwritten to-do list and mentally planning out the things I must do for this week.  I think another layer of brain fog has fallen away!

Last week’s class was good, and I finally have begun to feel some good reduction in my joint pain and some change in my circulation to me hands and feet.  It’s not all better yet, but we are getting there!  It was the grinding-snapping-popping,-creaking-“Masticating” painful joints and the cold hands and morgue-like feet that weren’t seeing much change at all until last week.  LOL, the other night I was getting ready for bed and took my socks off.  Though my feet were still ice cold, my toes were wonderfully fleshtone.  I got such a thrill that I took a picture.  What a change.

Saturday night I seemed to be having a focused herx.  I was a bit tired, I couldn’t handle a multi-chat very well, my right wrist (the worst of all my joints) was hurting more than usual and my feet were once again cold and blue.  I had this premonition as I was going to sleep that Sunday I wouldn’t feel very good.  Bummer.  I slept pretty deeply and in my own dreams I was herxing mild-moderately.  I probably did herx most the night but slept through it!  When dad woke me up…I felt good!  Woot!!!!

Yesterday and today my joint pain has been down from a 7 to a 5.  My energy is definitely better.  My neck pain is a 3.5 today.  Brain fog is at a 2?? And I’m sleeping great.  Maybe I’m sleeping a little extra right now, but it is some awesome sleep.  🙂 So back to what I need to do today!  (Well, first I’m gonna make a page for my then and now symptoms list 😀 )


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