What a Holly Ghee-ky Christmas!

I was just reading the blog of another GAPS person.  She said that she’s noticed the bloggers who go on GAPS do not post very regularly.  I’m there….so totally there!!  LOL.

Christmas was pretty good, diet and all.  We jumped ahead enough to enjoy a roast duck for Christmas (still supposed to be eating everything boiled), and it was time to add egg yolk.  We made a pumpkin “pudding” thingy….my idea and mom made it in her typical, ahem, fashion.  LOL!!  Not to be mean but she goes way heavy on cinnamon…and it gives me a headache.  ANyway, I will be “revamping” the leftovers; oh noms!

I think I am becoming known on FB as a complete foodie.  I do keep posting my cravings and what I’m making.  Oh well, it’s fun and edumacational for all.  Christmas Eve eve I ventured to make Ghee….oh gosh it is sooooo good.  Reluctant Hippie Family had posted the GAPS oven-made ghee recipe, so this made life easy.  I advised double straining with a coffee filter and sieve, and if you truly want to avoid casein, don’t eat any opaque drops that may fall through!  It may have been a problem that I filtered the ghee while hot, and I know it was definitely a problem that the oven got turned down too soon.  And you don’t have to make it on a full moon.  Just have a piece of orgone in the room instead, LOL.  Inside joke for my dear friends.  It is important to make your own ghee, as storebought is often mold contaminated…  My friend already shared this on her blog today.  This is why GAPS diet insists up on homemade ghee.  You can make ghee on the oven or on the stove.  Make it on full or new moon and chant if you wish, but I don’t think it’s necessary.  Just don’t fight while you make it, LOL.  Relax, put on some nice music…it takes a little while to make but not too long.  Easier than getting a batch of saurkraut made, IMO.  Here is a link to the Stovetop method for the ghee purists.  I’ve used both methods…which one is easier and/or tastes better?  I can’t really say there is a difference, on either count!

We had a Geek Tree for Christmas.  It’s much better in real person…a barren tree, decorated with blue LEDs, glow tubes, bead ornaments, pens, hard disk fragments, microchips, floppy disks, CDs and Ethernet cable.  Oh, yes it is wonderfully geeky!!!  We were also creative in our gift giving this year.  We gave one white elephant to each member of the family out of what we already owned, which was genius.  And a thrill to go dig through your things…it’s nice to dig up good old memories so that you can share them again in the form of a gift!  We also each drew a name to give a “real” gift to on top.  My dad was really creative with this.  he had us pick a number and did some binary mumbo jumbo for us to get our presents.  My Lymie geek bro was hilariously “gamey” in his elephant gift giving… he gave us things we already own. Pssh, silly kid!!  he had hidden them in drawers since he didn’t want to bother with wrapping!!  I gave my other brother a Jesse Cook CD, and tried to have him “accidentally” almost throw it away.  My dad gave me boots that I had really wanted and his presentation, definitely was creative!!  A hidden object game for me to get the clue to find it – a delightful 40 minutes of real life Nancy Drew sleuthing!!  My mom had wrapped up Dad’s gift multiple times, since dad is always careful about unwrapping a gift. I don’t remember exactly what Geeky Lymie bro gave mom…terrible I know.  So anyway it was fun.  Oh an we did it all at 12:30 AM…yeah, 30 minutes after it had technically become Christmas.

ACT is going well.  I haven’t updated my symptoms to you.  Why?  I’ve hit the emotional turbulance that has locked this disease in my body.  I personally haven’t felt like revealing to the world what emotions did what.  I’ve felt quite introverted lately.  Look up emotion and symptom correlation with German New Medicine if you really have a bug about it.  I did and found it amazing!!  My symptoms are up and down.  Some days really are no good, and others are decent.  I haven’t had a week quite so physically grand as the week I posted my Top 10 Symptom list, but I have not completely fallen off the wagon either.  3 steps forward and 2 steps back is the name of the game, and I’m perfectly satisfied to play by those rules if it gets me to 100%.  I don’t know why people expect ACT to be magic.  It’s not.  We expect 3 steps forward and 2 steps back type in any chosen method of treatment…many of is are willing to fall 3 steps back before getting 2 steps forward!!  And yes, I said that right – then you do expect to switch to the normal 3 forward and 2 back pattern.  You IV antibiotic people know exactly what I mean.  Oh and, I feel the pressing need to just say this – I don’t work for ACT!  If you’ve heard that, it’s wrong and I can prove it.  If and when I do ever work for them….you will know it!  LOL.

There are lots of things going on in my life right now, and it is all good.  Some of it is not fun or easy to go through, and other parts are just wonderful…most of it is a blend of these two.  Family stuff, being a crazy foodie, wanting to stay in touch with non-Lyme friends, forging real true friendships with my own Lyme friend, monetary and economic reality, the reality of the pain and suffering that drug use causes a family (not mine…but helping out in the small way possible), small business plan and desire for a job….once settled into that I will get back into college, getting orgonized!, etc.

I am considering serious New Year Resolutions for the first time in my life as well.  How perfect!  It will be the beginning of a new decade.  I have felt free to even privately write my dreams for the year/decade.  Oh and Resolutions ar enot about doing the impossible…they are about setting simple acheivable goals.  I want to let you know…that one of them is an update to my blog 3 times a week, at least.  Perhaps the posts will be shorter…  Every day seems to have a theme on the “research”/reading/education end.  It will be wonderful to share what I’m learning, and I look forward to sharing it

GAPS Intro – Update

Just posted this to the GAPS & Lyme FB group:

We are at the 1 week point of 97% GAPS Intro compliance. The first week did involve some learning so we took things as they came and called it botch week for the sake of our sanity. Also, a family member who really needs to be on the diet was out of town with friends eating cheesecake, LOL. Each day we were more in line with Stage 1. And this week is going to be 100% serious…we can definitely do it now.

Last night, at the restaurant 2.5 hours from home, I jumped several stages ahead in the GAPS diet and had one completely GAPS-illegal food: raw lettuce and tomato, cheese, smoked turkey (cold) and the illegal sweet potato chips. It made me so loopy; I really did feel drugged! I obviously don’t tolerate casein and starches right now… There was no gluten at least. I felt unsatiated by that meal, and was thankful that I had at least packed some thermoses of broth. I drank two thermoses all by myself…and still was hungry before we got home. I’ve not felt good today at all and cravings are up!

I learned a lesson to share: Don’t jump ahead when your body is not ready.

And a hint: Pack the broth and soups individually if you go on a day trip and don’t let the embarrasment of eating out of an M&Ms thermos in a nice restaurant get the best of you. Just ask for an empty mug or a soup bowl and mention the dietary restriction, and order a coffee or tea from the place to be cordial.

My days of recent have been very polar emotionally….either really good or really bad.  Since starting the diet I am feeling way more fatigued and am mixing up words, which I honestly believe is serious die-off.  Definitely have had some nice elimination…so I know I’m getting rid of old toxins and bugs.  Pains/aches come and go, and sometimes it is really much improved.  I look forward to improving my circulation. That may be the hardest part of it all.

The foods on the diet are very filling…and I really don’t feel like I have to eat so often.  I’ve been silly and have not looked up recipes.  I just invent using what we have in the house.  So far I haven’t made any really nasty soups, just gotten some botched things thanks to freezer burned meat or bones.  We already have some lovely recipes, for which I will be making a page!


Ok I liek how that typo came out.  Yeah, lots of typos lately.  I dont really care to correc tthem that much eaither.  Brain fog is back!  LOL, I’ll just let that be obvious.  Lots of thoughts going through my head abotu all kinds of things.  If this post sounds like I’m depressed, don’t worry.  I’m not.  Just contemplative.

Past couple weeks haven’t been quite so “flying high.”  Maybe it’s a herx, maybe it is a flare up.  I don’t know.  I’m glad the lyme class is tomorrow!  I always look forawrd to my ACT classes, because there is always soemthing to learn, someone who has the same problem that I do, and of course….the codes whoich definitely help.  And then the silly Alvin CD immediately after.

Energy has stayed decent.  But with the brain fog…what’s energy worth?  I just spend my time going in circles…what was I trying to do?  I keep dropping things and making messes which I have to clean up.  It is safer to spend my energy on the internet, where I can have nearly 200 tabs open…so that I can refer to whatever I was am thinking or talking about.

I did talk to a really neat lady this weak, who is probably the second intuitive Lymie I have met.  Amazing lady!  Gave me some wonderful hints:  work on GI, treat your feet, and don’t worry about your brain (thats a relief!).  she is a fats genius….and I really want to learn more about the fats.  I know I need to.  I just need to ask my LLMd to let me borrow his books about it, LOL.  She also has really confirmed to me that GAPS is perfect.  I wasn’t really in any doubt…but she just helped me set it in stone.

I have been working on organizing a GAPS & Lyme group I put together on FB.  It will be really neat to help out the few other Lymies who are going on GAPS!!  🙂  I have done a lot of stuff this week to make the kitchen GAPS-legal.  Putting away the GAPS illegal foodstuffs and getting things organized and even making som turkey broth.  I found some bone in the freezer.  I need to figur eout what animal they are from before I turn it into broth though.  One looks like chicken.  The other…I’m not sure at all…a bunch of little bones and then this great big dog-chewable bone.  And I’m facing up to the idea of fish stock.  At first I swore I would never make fish stock.  But I’m warming to the concept….

And I gave up on good bed times.  I don’t care about that anymore.  I’m better off to just balck out my windows…stay up till 3 or 4 and get up at 1 in the afternoon.  I feel like a dud…but I get angry when things don’t go well for me trying to sleep at normal hours.  So oddly, I feel better about myself and my family if I just comply with their wacky wonky scheddy.  And if 2-4 am bedtimes are regular, there’s no such thing as insomnia…  LOL.

Oh and my family and I got really genius and pu tin $25 each to buy an ion detox foot bath machine!  That’s the cost of 1 single footbath for each person at the local chiropactor.  And we get to use it forever!  Ha…I love a good deal!!!!  I’m looking forward to getting it.  I liked the footbaths at my LLMD’s and look forward to having footbaths regularly.  Detoxing is actually an important part of GAPS…and since our bathtubs are not really fit for the obligatory baths, I figure the foot bath with serve as a decent replacement.

I gues those are the updates.  Still job hunting.  Hoping for a job at Company Shops Market….I would soooo love that!!!  But I must wait, on them and on God.  Perhaps the wait give me more time to get more stable.  I do feel stronger in my core, whether this bump in the road is progress or a popped tire.  I know for certain I’m on the right track…I don’t doubt this.