Ok I liek how that typo came out.  Yeah, lots of typos lately.  I dont really care to correc tthem that much eaither.  Brain fog is back!  LOL, I’ll just let that be obvious.  Lots of thoughts going through my head abotu all kinds of things.  If this post sounds like I’m depressed, don’t worry.  I’m not.  Just contemplative.

Past couple weeks haven’t been quite so “flying high.”  Maybe it’s a herx, maybe it is a flare up.  I don’t know.  I’m glad the lyme class is tomorrow!  I always look forawrd to my ACT classes, because there is always soemthing to learn, someone who has the same problem that I do, and of course….the codes whoich definitely help.  And then the silly Alvin CD immediately after.

Energy has stayed decent.  But with the brain fog…what’s energy worth?  I just spend my time going in circles…what was I trying to do?  I keep dropping things and making messes which I have to clean up.  It is safer to spend my energy on the internet, where I can have nearly 200 tabs open…so that I can refer to whatever I was am thinking or talking about.

I did talk to a really neat lady this weak, who is probably the second intuitive Lymie I have met.  Amazing lady!  Gave me some wonderful hints:  work on GI, treat your feet, and don’t worry about your brain (thats a relief!).  she is a fats genius….and I really want to learn more about the fats.  I know I need to.  I just need to ask my LLMd to let me borrow his books about it, LOL.  She also has really confirmed to me that GAPS is perfect.  I wasn’t really in any doubt…but she just helped me set it in stone.

I have been working on organizing a GAPS & Lyme group I put together on FB.  It will be really neat to help out the few other Lymies who are going on GAPS!!  🙂  I have done a lot of stuff this week to make the kitchen GAPS-legal.  Putting away the GAPS illegal foodstuffs and getting things organized and even making som turkey broth.  I found some bone in the freezer.  I need to figur eout what animal they are from before I turn it into broth though.  One looks like chicken.  The other…I’m not sure at all…a bunch of little bones and then this great big dog-chewable bone.  And I’m facing up to the idea of fish stock.  At first I swore I would never make fish stock.  But I’m warming to the concept….

And I gave up on good bed times.  I don’t care about that anymore.  I’m better off to just balck out my windows…stay up till 3 or 4 and get up at 1 in the afternoon.  I feel like a dud…but I get angry when things don’t go well for me trying to sleep at normal hours.  So oddly, I feel better about myself and my family if I just comply with their wacky wonky scheddy.  And if 2-4 am bedtimes are regular, there’s no such thing as insomnia…  LOL.

Oh and my family and I got really genius and pu tin $25 each to buy an ion detox foot bath machine!  That’s the cost of 1 single footbath for each person at the local chiropactor.  And we get to use it forever!  Ha…I love a good deal!!!!  I’m looking forward to getting it.  I liked the footbaths at my LLMD’s and look forward to having footbaths regularly.  Detoxing is actually an important part of GAPS…and since our bathtubs are not really fit for the obligatory baths, I figure the foot bath with serve as a decent replacement.

I gues those are the updates.  Still job hunting.  Hoping for a job at Company Shops Market….I would soooo love that!!!  But I must wait, on them and on God.  Perhaps the wait give me more time to get more stable.  I do feel stronger in my core, whether this bump in the road is progress or a popped tire.  I know for certain I’m on the right track…I don’t doubt this.



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