GAPS Intro – Update

Just posted this to the GAPS & Lyme FB group:

We are at the 1 week point of 97% GAPS Intro compliance. The first week did involve some learning so we took things as they came and called it botch week for the sake of our sanity. Also, a family member who really needs to be on the diet was out of town with friends eating cheesecake, LOL. Each day we were more in line with Stage 1. And this week is going to be 100% serious…we can definitely do it now.

Last night, at the restaurant 2.5 hours from home, I jumped several stages ahead in the GAPS diet and had one completely GAPS-illegal food: raw lettuce and tomato, cheese, smoked turkey (cold) and the illegal sweet potato chips. It made me so loopy; I really did feel drugged! I obviously don’t tolerate casein and starches right now… There was no gluten at least. I felt unsatiated by that meal, and was thankful that I had at least packed some thermoses of broth. I drank two thermoses all by myself…and still was hungry before we got home. I’ve not felt good today at all and cravings are up!

I learned a lesson to share: Don’t jump ahead when your body is not ready.

And a hint: Pack the broth and soups individually if you go on a day trip and don’t let the embarrasment of eating out of an M&Ms thermos in a nice restaurant get the best of you. Just ask for an empty mug or a soup bowl and mention the dietary restriction, and order a coffee or tea from the place to be cordial.

My days of recent have been very polar emotionally….either really good or really bad.  Since starting the diet I am feeling way more fatigued and am mixing up words, which I honestly believe is serious die-off.  Definitely have had some nice elimination…so I know I’m getting rid of old toxins and bugs.  Pains/aches come and go, and sometimes it is really much improved.  I look forward to improving my circulation. That may be the hardest part of it all.

The foods on the diet are very filling…and I really don’t feel like I have to eat so often.  I’ve been silly and have not looked up recipes.  I just invent using what we have in the house.  So far I haven’t made any really nasty soups, just gotten some botched things thanks to freezer burned meat or bones.  We already have some lovely recipes, for which I will be making a page!


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