Accomplishments and FB withdrawals.

LOL, seriously I am missing the FB “buzz” but am simultaneously enjoying the time without notifications popping in!  I’ve gotten a few internet type things done today as I didn’t get any sleep last night (at this point 26-27 hours and no sleep, I could nap but at this point shoudl stay up for a REAL bedtime) so I don’t have energy for much else.  Enjoying working on a puzzle while I listen to a bunch of youtube things I had piled up.  See, I open a gajillion tabs and only actually read 1/5 of each one if I’m lucky and then leave them up to finish later!  Anyway…have a couple things crossed off a longstanding “to-do” list.  That is very nice…

I have noticed that one thing that helps me sleep is to write out the mind race…the gotta-do’s  I know something is wrong if that doesn’t work…and it hasn’t been working

I reviewed a bunch of youtube vids on muscle testing…and will soon share my favorites!!  That way you can learn to muscle test because it is so important.

Due to my insomnia, I looked up some adrenal overdrive info and made a list which I will work on as soon as this post is done.  I just really don’t want to be taking too many supplements.  Some of what I take is only once a week though, so it’s not too much.  I’m amazed that through my herx and toxicity over the past week I have taken activated charcoal powder, chlorella and Alka Seltzer Gold.  Along with drinking plenty of DeTox tea.  Ok, this tea contains Smilax so could be adding slightly to die off, but I tested strong to it.  I have herxed a lot!  Having big trouble getting the junk out of me!  And really am bucking the enema…  Thankfully things got going better last night, but I hope it isn’t the GI pendulum swing!  LOL.  I’m also taking Omega 3’s (EPA&DHA) and CLO as dietary supplements…as they are simply part of the GAPS routine.

Anyway about herxing….I’m doing all kinds of stuff and having the first knock down drag-out herx since October.  I’ve had little ones in the perfect ACT fashion (I know my ACT herx, that is), and I’ve felt quite crumb(l)y for several days straight from the GAPS diet.  But this week it got fun!  I was doing ACT and they gave use “signal blocker” codes which are like codes on steroids and make me have some neurological herxing – brain fog, spinal pain, different kind of neck pain, brain-swollen type pain, heightened MCS, nerve pain, twitches.  Thankfully, the one thing that I noticed went almost completely away was my POTSy stand up and nearly pass out spells. 1-2 a day and much milder!  I got the strong vibe when I picked up a bottle of magnesium chloride that I had to be careful about how much magnesium I use..some kind of interplay with my POTSy symptoms.  Mild magnesium or general mineral dysregulation?  Wouldn’t surprise me since my adrenals are so out of wack.  I will test my saliva to see if I should NAET it.  LOL.

I was herxing more than neurological though…I woke up in the middle of one night and threw up harder than I had in my life (that’s a VERY GOOD thing!), and my stomach has been high maintenance ever since!  Aside from ACT class my other things include: GAPS diet, and I’m not tolerating egg yolks!! bummer.  I never thought I would be one of those common Lymie’s who can’t do egg!  But here I am.  Hoping to change that soon!  Also my body is still adjusting to new orgone, and the first orgone devices I’ve been around all the time.  It is an intense cleaning drawing energy that I feel, and deeply balancing and strengthening.  So it is all good!  Also receiving some distant light therapy from a very generous person giving free “sessions” to those who ask.  On top of that I’ve been taking Aqua Flora 9 at half the dose just one day per week.  2 weeks and they give me a killer herx.  Also had to get on Travel Pro….hmmm.

For an hour we listened to an interview with an ex-government employee about chemtrails while I worked on a little puzzle.  In 2011, I am going to be RAILING against chemtrails.  Consider it seriously!  It ain’t simple conspiracy theory.  And the man in this interview explains things very well in the context of semi-recent  history so that you can grasp the framework he has be experience and build upon it…even he admits he doesn’t know what they are putting in current chemtrails, but if it is barium alone it is still a big deal!!  A big enough deal to talk about and get the word out there!  Orgone-ize, my friends, orgone-ize.

And right now I am enjoying the music in a tab that I opened about 1.5 weeks ago!  LOL.  It’s beautiful.

That’s about it.  I also must ge tthe energy up to cook a little bit!  What’s in the fridge?  IDK, we’re running low on a bunch of stuff.  Most Likely witll have a “Cruciferous Zucchini soup!”  TTYL.  🙂 Love to all


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