I know I’m supposed to post

but I feel pretty introverted right now.  LOL.  🙂  Having a good week though, and accomplished a lot yesterday.  Herxed in my sleep and feel detoxy today.  On Wednesday I was herxy immediatly after my ACT class.

I’m enjoying more reasonable conversations toward my non-Lymie brother.  Mom is always worrying about something, especially relationships and how people treat each other.  As I have set my entanglements with that aside, I’m finding it easier to have a relationship with my bro for where it’s at, and I feel more loving and forgiving toward him.  Didn’t really expect that, but am thankful for it and want to keep  it up.  Our conversations on chemistry and physics are really fun.  He just realized the fluorine (kinda better known as fluoride) attracts heavy metals and is going “wow.” and we also had a really cool conversation about certain elements and how they handle light, some refract light and some convert light from on color to another.  This made my little obsession with orgone devices finally make sense to him…and explained it, in a more scientific nature, to me.   🙂

BTW, I’m noticing that my first constant exposure to orgone was  really was pulling some things to the surface and making me herx a bit.  This combined with the other die-off’s was yow, but I felt stronger through the herxing, so it was definitely a good thing and TOTALLY worth it.  The drawing out and converting bad energy to good orgone is now a constant and I think will continue, but now my body is used to it in a good way.


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