:) Next Trip and Creative Adventures…

I’ve been getting super busy with the Etsy stuff!  I’m just hoping to make some sales.  Also got an Etsy Team going for all of us cwho are creative and have Lyme.   Lyme Artisans is the name of the team, after deliberation with each other.  I LOVE IT!

Yesterday I started knitting the first scarf I have in a couple years.  Seriously, the last thing I made was during the internship in Ga.  I’ve tried socks since then but was too ADD to even complete the first sock and having clicker-clacking guys at my house means that there is no way to come out with two socks the same size.  I also realized what I want to do with that “thing” I made on a knitting loom.  My passion is knitting on straight needles!

I made a batch of kvass that actually came out good!  I built up from 2tsp to 2TBSP over the course of a week.  Maybe it has caused some die off, maybe not.  Good ferments always give me some energy and more clarity of thought, so if it’s killing bad bugs, I don’t notice it really.  commercial probiotics on the other hand…I fele good at first but I also feel the hit of die off.  I haven’t done that to myself while on GAPS, and have worked myself up to 1/2 capsule of BaCoFlor (bacillus coagulans) per day.  It is a single strain probiotic, instead of the multistrain things ike BioKult that NCM recommends.  I don’t think a multistrain probiotic is where I’m at yet.

This morning I made myself the Lemon Liver cleanse from Immune Restoration Handbook, but modified it “for GAPS” because I can’t have Extra Virgin Olive Oil yet…tried and it was too healing.  I tolerate coconut oil, fish oils, ghee and sesame oil wonderfully.  My body may even be ready for flax or borage, I’m jsut not sure yet.  So I used 1.5 tsp each of fish oil and 1.5 tsp of coconut oil, to make up for the 1 tbsp of EVOO required by the original recipe.  WOW, I LOVE this thing.  maybe I should do it 2-3 times a week.  After having my “lemon lotion” as mom calls it, I had my daily beet kvass and 15 min later followed up with chlorella and a bit of kelp.  I love it when things fit together and make perfect sense to me.  Since my Lymie brother doesn’t tolerate coconut at all (maybe even allergy??) I made him some “lemon lotion” using 1tsp fish oil and a full TBSP of ghee instead.  He tests to needing tremendous amounts of ghee…as long as he gets his fish oil.  The bit of fish oil in the “lemon lotion” is extra to his daily dose, because I have a feeling it is the fish oil making the “alternative” version work well.  He drank half the batch, and I put the rest in the fridge for later.  Watching what happens with that.

I’ve been reading NCM’s chapter on Epilepsy in the GAPS book.  WOW!  🙂  this chick who resonates a lot on dealing with KPU….see that GAPS is a way to address KPU, and if there is a dietary cause of KPU, it’s GAPS.  There are often emotional components needing work…but I truly do question Klinghardt’s stand that supplementation for KPU is necessary for the rest of one’s life.  I jsut don’t want to take that as the answer.  Getting on The Core is a good thing but can’t we fix it??  I think ACT and GAPS is the answer for me personally.  That’s one of my big ponderings of late.  I will want to address the KPU mineral deficiencies when my body is ready for it – and I think that time is soon.  I think fixing this will fix whatever my hydration issues are as well.

My other big pondering…has to do with Bartonella!  Muscle testing and energy medicine theories…  Cool stuff.

I got a full body massage – a really well integrated relaxation massage and medical massage – last week.  It has done me soo much and I learned a lot during this.  Turns out my rotator muscles all over my body, especially both rotator cuffs are really tight.  Also I have TMJ issues I wasn’t conscious of!  I have occasional TMJ pain, but now that I know, I can link that with my neck…

A lot of things are puzzle piecing together and beginning to make sense!

We are heading to Ga for appts next week.  I’m soooo excited.  Just have to say, my LLMD is so awesome and I’m thankful for all that he jumps in to do when we get down there.  🙂  Bring on the hyperbarics and other super healing things!!!  I’m also seeing a new chiropractor this trip.  I’m NOT leaving my other one, if I can help it…he has done me sooo much good, and I could make a post of the things I have learned from him.  He’s kindof like my “guru!” in the alternative medicine world.   But this new chiropractor’s focus is a bit different and I think well-suited to my needs. http://sorsi.com/

I’m also hoping to get to hang out with one of my bestest bestest of friends and sister, Lyme warrior, Heather!!  I’m sooo charged for this trip….  TY God for all these good things.



  1. MM said,

    February 8, 2011 at 5:15 pm

    Nice blog post! You should include links to your Etsy shop and your Lyme Artisans Group in your blog.

  2. February 8, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    I will be adding the Lyme Artisans link very soon! 🙂

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