A Tour Through My BioFilm Herx

I began herxing biofilm stuff soon after class gave codes on it.  Wowee….  I’m i Rd 2 right now.  I would be sleeping, but the sensations are intense enough and various enough that there is no way I can sleep without imagining up that I have terrible big wriggling monsters in my muscles.  That’s how intense it it…though my pain is actually quite low.  I would like to video, but I knwo this herx is invisible.  So I will give you a guided tour instead.

Have been grouchy all day.  Like a Klingon, nearbouts.  I have hidden in my room to avoid being mean to people.  But I don’t like that. Oh well.  It’s not easy to talk about my symptoms: I feel like my family is just putting up with me, and drawing on me for help on their own things.  I feel bad not to give.  But I know it’s the way things are…and really, they need to give me some room.  I try not to talk about my symptoms unless it is absolutely necessary.  Enough of the family is Lyme affected.  But I’m going crazy.  I want to talk talk talk talk talk lately.  did I mention I want to talk?  Thankfully the brain fog is mostly dealt with.  I do still get too tired to think…but it is a physical fatigue rather than brain fatigue.  I am still having memory issues and dyslexia.  It will improve.  I’m thankful that by watching some comedy I am no longer in a bad mood.  Just tired and sitting out the ride.

Journaling in the moment – this will likely sound like a drug trip or vampire movie.  It’s not.  The guided tour of the amazing and crazy thigns happening.  Tiny micro twitches like bitty fireworks going off throughout my body.  On my skin, in my muscles, deep inside of me.  Twitches everywhere!  I feel like there is something really big wriggling arounds inside me L calf muscle, My neck hurts in one particular spot.  The whole thing is stiff.  Pulse Pulse buzz zap, mostly painless, but very uncomfortable. strong one that make me flinch involuntarily. funny popping in out of my ear.  tear ducts  feels clogged but it comes and goes, alternanting sides.  painless but uncomforatble tingly ice prick into my L neck shouder.  L shin uncomfortable with a lot of twitching and a mild knifelike pain to the bone.  A lot of numb nad tingly sensations, deep and surface, visceral and limbs.  my R foot hurts and then stops.  now my L pinky at the tip and travelling up the bone into my hand.  strange tingle down from the ice prick in my bladder meridian on my back.  pressure in my abdomen, a twitch over the left rib.  my toes are pulating with twitches.  little ice tingles on the side of my hip, my middle R toe is throbbing…and then stops.  Tingling in my toes and the back of the knee.  R eye fogged over…it will clear up soon.  the twitches try to become jerks, but my temperment resists.  I only flinchy.  spleen grumbles and I feel my heart beat, strong and kinda soft but a little fast.  I feel my fever.  no pain for a second escept in my feet.  a wave of cool and relaxation.  twitches in the L side of my ribcage and R lower back.  momentary spasm in the outer side of my L thigh – no pain.  R middle toe goes to hurting again.  R ear popping in out, pulsing titches over Lumbar spineto R side, L inner aspect of ankle and R top of shin bone are starbursting little.  Wow L2 – 3 on my L foot fires up.  my R eye just cleared.  L side of neck very tight and fire-taught pain.  tickling in shoulders, and crazy little electric sensation everywhere.  right side hot.  pain in a pricke my R shin, tickling on the left about to make me crazy.  spleen pancreas are going wild.

I can continue for a long time.  You see how random it is.  I would be “concentrating” on all of this inadvertently if I were trying to sleep and likely manufacturing a night mare.  I’ve been a good girl…had 12 grams of chlorella today.  8 of those in the past 3 hours. Elimination is fine…  will do Lemon liver tomorrow.  ouch my knee.  wow I’m tired. breathe.  Goodnight.



  1. wifsie said,

    February 12, 2011 at 7:35 am

    Your courage and determination will earn you your health back. It’s a rpivilege to watch you do it from here, day after day. Hang tight, K.C. I can taste the sweet victory! ♥

  2. Donna said,

    February 13, 2011 at 7:27 am

    Bless your biofilm busting little heart! You are riding quite a wave right now!!! Hang in there. I am feeling much the same and wondering if I am hitting biofilm now that I have read your piece. Have you ever heard of Guided Imagery for relaxation? It occurred to me that, if not, you might like to try some of them to help with pain and relaxation, esp with your body under siege like this. Let me know if you’re interested… I’ll give you some links… or check my website in the Resource Room. https://sites.google.com/site/thebrightersidelivingwithlyme/

    May today be a good one for you…

  3. melissa said,

    March 2, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    Just peaking at some of your blog. One thing that concerns me is the “act” clssses you are doing. Those classes are a complete scam! If you are strugging to afford your treatments and daily expenses like you say, i would drop that class like a hot potato! Reading codes aloud and playing music is not even remotely a real treatment. I sure hope you can get away from that crap, and use the money for supps, meds and other things. Good luck

    • March 2, 2011 at 10:15 pm

      I truly believe the codes have done me good! I know it is a strange-seeming method…but for some it works. I have legitimately herxed and had improvements while not taking a single antimicrobial. My LLMD keeps finding non-infectious issues being the things he has to address! I am currently taking a break from ACT. I was doing enough things that my body got overwhelmed. That’s why I’m not feeling well now.

    • wifsie said,

      March 3, 2011 at 6:59 am

      I’m really sorry to say this but ACT works! Take a few minutes to read all the testimonies on their Facebook page. I’m one of the people posting there. After years of illness and thousands of $$ spent with no results, I’m finally getting results now with the codes (and it’s the cheapest thing I’ve ever tried). Please refrain from passing judgment on a protocol that has helped -and is helping- so many. Thanks!

  4. melissa said,

    March 2, 2011 at 10:21 pm

    I hope you feel better soon

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