Ga trip – New focuses

Last week we went to Ga for Dr appts.  It was awesome in so many ways.  I had a blog post written out.  It was so long I know no one will read it.  Still dealing with MAJOR levels of fatigue and symptoms still not clearing up since biofilm herx.  Well the twitching is gone.  All else remained.  I could go into detail on all kinds of things.  But I wont.

Protocol simplified…kinda.  Will update.

Hormones are a big issue for me

  • DHEA was up at 512 in October.  We tested again but the lab messed things up so no results.  I bet it was worse than 512
  • T3 had dropped since october, despite my taking some supps for it.  I’m gladly surprised that symptoms had improved overall despite this.  Way to go ACT!  Now to “regain” the ground…more about that in a bit
  • Both estrogen and progesterone were low.  My LLMD had me get a shot with both in bioidentical form.  I sure hope that helps.  My energy still isn’t better
  • Will be testing cortisol.  The fatigue hit me so hard with this “crash” or continued herx or who-knows-what.
  • Muscle testing my own saliva a couple times a week.  Today is day 22.  I’m a little weak to my saliva, not too bad.  I have NAETed my saliva once before

Had my first IV on Thursday.  Cool!  It made me herx a little during the IV and that evening. I felt different.  Mild constant zone-out, and mild visual convergence issues…  In conjunction with getting good chiropractic work the next day, I herxed/retraced like crazy!  That was terrible on top of blah – tons of pain and I was in a very strange zone out/absence/unable to use logic enough to function.  Visual convergence issues showed up way stronger for those few hours after the appt.  Lasted a few hours.  I slept in a strange way from 7pm to 9 something Friday night.  Saturday I was fine.  I think the chiro did my chronic neck issues a lot of good but I must work on my posture.  I fele it throwing things into terrible positions.

Had wonderful much needed emotional work done on me on Wednesday.  Simply incredible.  It is a lot to process!  Also learned gout is connected to performance anxiety.  I so totally fit that and want to change it.

I’m switching from GAPS to BED/SCD.  Less restrictions, easier on family and easier on my body.  I already gained a lb or two from letting up.  If that holds…I will be very happy.  I tolerate a sugar far better than I tolerate a starch.  So things like rice or butternut quash are still basically out.  Sprouted…it’s ok.  It’s just that my body isn’t cooperating.  Ripe banana = I’m ok.  all yellow but no brown spots banana = hangover.  Obviously something going on with starches.

Taking a break from ACT.  I’m processing sooo much.  My infection load is not showing up as being a big deal.  I won’t lose ground by taking a few weeks off.  It’s strange in a way to even ask for that but I know deeply that the break is needed.  I couldn’t take in another code right now.  Coming back to it when the time is right…   My WBC is normal, but it seems my body had specialized into a lot of lymphocyte production.  I think that’s super cool…and a sign that ACT does something.  I have a WBC from when I was relapsing.  None of this good lymphocyte response!

Had a great time, ran the whole trip on adrenaline.  A lot of good things, physical, emotionl and spiritual going on.  Got back and kinda crashed from the adrenaline rushh.  My energy today was minimal but better than yesterday.  I want to get on a roll of doing things to help me cover the costs.  God has provided a small way, and I don’t want to miss out.  Me…always trying to get into something, likely biting off more than I can chew, and then wondering why I can’t do it.  LOL.  I hope not this time!


Update:  I knew my pants had felt tight all day.  I took my socks off and I’ve got some pretty major swelling…visible from feet to thigh.  Right side worse.  I was craving water today so I drank a lot…and yeah it was with some mineral salt but not anything majorly new.  Hmmm.  Got pics.


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