Salmon & Spinach Desperado Quiche

I guess first I’ll share my crazy kitchen adventure that I was afraid wouldn’t turn out.  Then the update!  I had made a smoked salmon salad for myself the other day.  Leftovers were still in the fridge, and I didn’t want it as salad, but I didn’t want to throw out that wild salmon either!  It’s a desperado quiche.

  • salmon salad:  1/2 can boneless wild Alaskan salmon naturally smoked; a few spoonfuls mayonnaise (from NT); 1/2 lemon’s juice; couple sprinkles finely ground mustard powder
  • 2 free range eggs
  • 1/2 cup chopped frozen and then crushed apart while frozen (think: in the kitchen with a frozen blob of chopped spinach in a bag and me hitting the counter with it like a maniac)
  • small casserole dish, oiled with ghee
  • oven 350.  Mix that stuff together with a fork in a mixing bowl, pour it into the casserole dish and put it in the oven for an hour or so.

Truth and dare: I don’t measure anything, and I don’t count time either.  I just keep my nose near the kitchen.  And if I dont…it all goes up in smoke.  Just the way it works, folks.

Now for the update!

I’ve been home now for a week and a half.  The Ga trip really helped me out and I do feel a lot better from the edema crisis, but I still have to take care.  As soon as I got home I came down with what I thought was a virus or who-knows-what.  ears and throat sore.  well that got worse…full blown agonizing ear infection.  Guess what?  I needed abx.  Haha, it’s crazy.  I tried the home remedies I thought I would tolerate and I still was just getting worse…delayed a bit by the garlic and onion oil drops and stuff.  Anyway those abx helped very quickly and I’m glad to have it down to cotton ears and tinnitus and the worst symptoms.  The abx have made me sleepy…I didn’t expect that, and I’m taking so many probiotics and good fermented foods its not funny.  No herxing from the heavy duty doses of probiotics so…. 🙂 yeah.

I think I’m pretty well geared up for this supermoon.  Today has been my best day in QUITE a while, not that I feel great.  I got out and took a walk, laid in the grass for a while, and went out to eat with mom and then went to the store….also enjoyed chatting with some friends, online shopping customizations (I’m taking the yoga mat plunge), and just general relaxing!  I even took another nap today. 🙂  AND….fiddled around in the kitchen.  All wearing my orange shirt for St Patrick’s day.

Want to say many thanks to all my supportive friends! ♥ Your prayers and gifts are appreciated deeply…. God is good.


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