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I’ve been working on my ability to tolerate dairy for the past couple weeks.  I’ve been “coding” one cheese at a time every few days.  I guess I like white cheeses, because I can now freely eat:  Parmesan, Swiss, Mozarella, Provolone and Feta.  Going to keep working on it.  It will be interesting to see how easily the american cheese and cheddar cheese allergies go…those are the ones that were bad enough to show up specifically.

It deeply intrigues me that as soon as I had these few cheeses coded, I finally muscle tested for the first time ever to take colostrum!  I’m trying Jarrow’s Colostrum IgG supplement – who knows what it will do that I can tell separate from anything else.  My LLMD said back in January 2010 he thought it would be good to try ImmunoCal (a whey-based colostrum type thing), but I didn’t MT to it.  Never know…maybe I will.  I went through and muscle tested myself with help from a friend on all my supplements – so that is updated.  I updated it in the My Supplements page.

I’ve also decided to try regularly taking Ibuprofen and see if that helps the unending, unchanging joint pain, and other pains.  Trying to go easy on it because I am scared of NSAIDs – Just 1 or 2 ibu, when I eat 2x day.  After all, Tylenol was outted for its harm to people’s livers (mine has a hard enough time detoxing as is) and lowering glutathione.  I used to take Aleve back when I had migraines all the time – and know from more recent use that it makes my joints actually hurt worse  – crying, painful burning.  So that one is out.  Since I don’t do caffeine, only ibuprofen and aspirin are left.  I keep muscle testing for stuff pycnogenol and turmuric, but have not gotten a yes.  I occasionally get a yes to Polygonum but it doesn’t last and so I’ve never tried buying it.  I muscle tested to take Cumanda again – which has been compared and found about as effective an anti-inflammatory as feldene –  and it will likely be a little while before I herx from it, if at all.  I think once I’ve tried ibu for 2 weeks I will take it completely out and just see where my joints are without it, see if the Cumanda is doing any long term good.  Besides I don’t want to mess anything up when I deliberately celebrate life and eat gluten at my friend’s wedding – gluten = edema = diuretics…and I already looked it up.  Ibu and diuretics interact so I dont want to play with that.  Ok, much ado about nothing. 🙂

I also just updated symptom list to something more current. Just so that it’s clear where I’m at :).  I gave percentages on improvement by symptom!  Some things have improved but the improvement is slow…obviously.

Fundraiser! :) and…The Thyroid Honeymoon is Over

Firstly, Shari set up a fundraiser for me so that I can get some things that would really help!!  Please, if at all possible, donate.  The end date of the Fundraiser is Sept 6.  And please share my page with your friends.  🙂  Thanks!

Support Snap Crackle Pop – KC Smith

It is so sweet of her, in the middle of her crazy busy life and also dealing with Lyme in her and her family.  I also want to say thank you to an extremely kind friend who makes this possible.  I would even say he’s a mentor…though I wish there was more time for mentoring.  I don’t think he realizes it, but he’s shown me a level of goodness I never knew anyone could give – a goodness that hits me so deep I have cried because of the example of Christ.  And guess what?  Goodness gives hope…even through human flaws.  Ever since then, there have been more people with the gift of goodness in my life and I am sooooo so thankful.

I am hoping and planning to actually take a single college course this fall.  I’m not giving up, I’m not staying out of the ball game.  I will become a naturopathic doctor bit by bit….Hoping for a hybrid course so I don’t have to be on campus a lot.  Since algebra/mathematics is my weak point, I will make that my single focus.

I got so caught up in life for a little while… but, the thyroid honeymoon is over.  I was really enjoying my fatigue improving from a 7 to a 5 for a couple weeks.  Then it crashed back to a halting 7.  It’s basically stayed that way even though thyroid dose is the same.  It’s even “tight” and sore-ish again.  I can tell other things are off and I’m herxing a lot with these codes.  Took a holiday from most everything – stayed on the just adrenal and thyroid, halved the dose of chanca piedra, trying to detox a bit with Lemon/EVOO.

I just feel electric fried.  Not sure if its just EMF or inflammation from bugs/yeast and herxing or both.  Nonetheless I’m pushing myself now to walk 30 minutes solid every day (unless it storms during my evening walking time!) – does help mood if nothing else.  I’m trying to take it easy otherwise, and keep emotions in check – something is off, or I’m “herxing emotions” like I can’t put on my Vulcan mask anymore.  Some things are really not fun to have to deal with.  Oh well…get through.

It was also nice today to have a friend come through for lunch.  He gave me an Algebra for Dummies book so I’m going to have fun with that…where’s the aspirin?!  I’m hoping to hang out a bit with Nat this week.  I want to drench myself in Hunter’s Earth so I can have a fun time in the woods while confusing the heck out of those nasty ticks – they get about two feet from me and turn around stunned.  Mwahaha!  Stay safe…they are MEAN this year.