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I’ve been working on my ability to tolerate dairy for the past couple weeks.  I’ve been “coding” one cheese at a time every few days.  I guess I like white cheeses, because I can now freely eat:  Parmesan, Swiss, Mozarella, Provolone and Feta.  Going to keep working on it.  It will be interesting to see how easily the american cheese and cheddar cheese allergies go…those are the ones that were bad enough to show up specifically.

It deeply intrigues me that as soon as I had these few cheeses coded, I finally muscle tested for the first time ever to take colostrum!  I’m trying Jarrow’s Colostrum IgG supplement – who knows what it will do that I can tell separate from anything else.  My LLMD said back in January 2010 he thought it would be good to try ImmunoCal (a whey-based colostrum type thing), but I didn’t MT to it.  Never know…maybe I will.  I went through and muscle tested myself with help from a friend on all my supplements – so that is updated.  I updated it in the My Supplements page.

I’ve also decided to try regularly taking Ibuprofen and see if that helps the unending, unchanging joint pain, and other pains.  Trying to go easy on it because I am scared of NSAIDs – Just 1 or 2 ibu, when I eat 2x day.  After all, Tylenol was outted for its harm to people’s livers (mine has a hard enough time detoxing as is) and lowering glutathione.  I used to take Aleve back when I had migraines all the time – and know from more recent use that it makes my joints actually hurt worse  – crying, painful burning.  So that one is out.  Since I don’t do caffeine, only ibuprofen and aspirin are left.  I keep muscle testing for stuff pycnogenol and turmuric, but have not gotten a yes.  I occasionally get a yes to Polygonum but it doesn’t last and so I’ve never tried buying it.  I muscle tested to take Cumanda again – which has been compared and found about as effective an anti-inflammatory as feldene –  and it will likely be a little while before I herx from it, if at all.  I think once I’ve tried ibu for 2 weeks I will take it completely out and just see where my joints are without it, see if the Cumanda is doing any long term good.  Besides I don’t want to mess anything up when I deliberately celebrate life and eat gluten at my friend’s wedding – gluten = edema = diuretics…and I already looked it up.  Ibu and diuretics interact so I dont want to play with that.  Ok, much ado about nothing. 🙂

I also just updated symptom list to something more current. Just so that it’s clear where I’m at :).  I gave percentages on improvement by symptom!  Some things have improved but the improvement is slow…obviously.

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