You know you are doing well when…

Your biofeedback results only show one infection and a couple toxins.

You wake up refreshed, eager to see what the day is going to be like.

You are going crazy with wanting to run, jump, play but are “too busy” with tasks to immediately drop them and do what you want.

You have a job you enjoy.

You go through your activities mostly standing…or dancing to the music you have cranked up.

You move across the country and only need a week or two of serious downtime (because you caught the flu – like who doesn’t this time of year?).

Getting excited or having an adrenaline rush doesn’t frighten you for your wellbeing, and it doesn’t make you feel nauseous, exhausted or faint.

You can rarely enjoy a Zevia that contains, OMG, Caffeine!!!!! without crashing later.

You can eat 1 dessert a week an not have negative consequences.

A tiny bite of something sweet feeds your brain and doesn’t make you feel sick at any point afterward.

You can bind up and recover from mold exposure quickly (1 day).

This is me!!! So thankful to God for giving me my life and energy and strength back, and some I never had before.


BTW, check out my Top 10 Symptom List and My Current Supplements pages…they are updated!