My Current Supplements

As of March, 2012:

  • Low Dose Naltrexone (Rx), 1.5mg alternating with 2.25mg every 2 days, 2pm daily
  • Guaifenesin (OTC), 600mg, BID – Dr. St Amand’s Guaifenesin protocol following low salicylate rules for fibromyalgia, except herbs…
  • Kelp (Nature’s Way), 2 caps, 1x AM – nutrition, thyroid
  • Methyl B-12 (Jarrow), 2,500mcg sublingual, 1x AM – nutrition, energy, methylation
  • Cod Liver Oil (Carlson), 3 gels, 1x day – nutrition
  • CoQ10 and Ubiquinol (VitaCost), 1 gel, 1x week
  • Vit A as Retinol form (Carlson), 25,000 IU, 1x day – nutrition, restore deficiency
  • Vit C (Nutribiotics, buffered), 2 grams, 1x day – nutrition, immune
  • Vit D3 (Carlson), 4,000 IU, bedtime – nutrition
  • Vit E as Ultimate-E (Thorne), 1/8 tsp, 1x day – nutrition, thyroid
  • Vit K-2 as MK7 (Jarrow), 1 gel, 1x day – nutrition
  • Magnesium Citramate (Thorne), 150 mg, BID – nutrition, energy, muscle relief
  • Manganese Picolinate (Thorne), 15 mg, 2x week – nutrition, restore deficiency
  • Molybdenum Picolinate (Thorne), 1mg, 1x day – nutrition, aldehyde detox
  • Glycine (Thorne), 1 gram, BID – Salicylate detox support
  • NAC Sustain (Jarrow), 600mg, 1x day – Glutathione precursor
  • Neuro-PS (Vitamin World), 2 gels, BID – Brain/Neurotransmitter support
  • A-Bart (Byron White Formulas), 1-3 drops, 1x day – for Brucella
  • Apo-RHEUM (Pekana), 10drop, TID – for pain out of proportion to toxicity
  • Circulation P (ZHANG), 1 cap, BID – Vascular support
  • Cumanda (Nutramedix), 5 drops, BID – Pain/inflammation relief
  • L-Drain (Transformation), 2 drops, BID + 1 drop w/DMSO on indurated lymph nodes
  • Licorice Tincture (Nature’s Answer), 2 drops, BID – for POTS/OI, Blood volume
  • Lymphomyosot (Heel) – Lymphatic detox and edema support
  • Pineal-MET (Apex) – 3 drops, BID – Sleep/Time regulation
  • Renelix (Pekana), 5 drops, BID – Kidney support

25 is my limit, haha

Sunday Mold Bind and Detox Protocol

  • 4 caps activated charcoal
  • 1 TBSP Bentonite clay in alkaline water
  • mold exposure (why I’m having the above for breakfast instead of normal supplements!)
  • 2 tabs HepaPro (ZHANG)
  • 1 NAC (Jarrow)
  • 3 Neuro AntiTox (Jernigan)
  • Normal supplements
  • Ozone Sauna


  • AWARENESS!  I can choose my present state of being, at every moment!
  • LIFE System Biofeedback
  • Advanced Cell Training
  • Chiropractic Neurology
  • Listening to my integrative MD, who has always seen me as well with some things to simply correct/balance

Gizmos & Gadgets I’m currently using:

  • Power Blue Healer Orgone
  • SafeSpace I anti-EMF and Retro Balancer Orgone
  • Grounding/Earthing, nightly at neck/shoulder.
  • InfraRed Sauna, Ozone Sauna
  • BioMat
  • Energy techniques like Access Consciousness, Healing Codes and EFT.

Life Habits:

  • Living in an emotionally beneficial environment
  • Positive Thinking (I’m daughter of the KING, after all!)
  • Bi-Modal Sleeping
  • Music!!! and dancing when the mood hits
  • Artistic Cooking
  • Walks (interval style) 4-5 x week, 30 min to an hour.
  • Work that fulfills my life purpose 8+ hours/week now!
  • School that fulfulls my life purpose.


  • Low/Moderate-Salicylate
  • GF
  • Any cheese I want, all coded with ACT.
  • low sugar:   stevia, sucanat – fruit.
  • non-GMO: soy.
  • nightshade free: no tomatoes, eggplants, or peppers of any kind.  Cheating with potatoes occasionally.
  • sprouted/enzymatically active foods whenever possible
  • lot of good fats: ghee/butter, coconut, fish, avocado


  1. Cath said,

    March 25, 2012 at 2:34 pm

    Dear Super woman,
    I just have to give you a straight A++++ grade (Full marks!).
    What a protocol! I have heard a few Americans having a Bio-mat – I call it there ‘magical recharge pad’ hehe. I do artistic cooking too… looks a lot like modern art (can’t tell what it is) afterwards!

    Lots of love KC!

    Best wishes
    Catherine (Never surrender!)

    • January 27, 2014 at 5:56 pm

      Hugs to you dear Catherine! 🙂 I love the artistic cooking… These days I don’t cook so much as I go for one ingredient at a time based on what I crave.

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