Supplement Sites

I’m a big bargain shopper.  I do alot of in person purchasing from Vitamin Shoppe.  But for online….. I like to get 300 pills of stuff like Artemesinin or Wobenzym for $90 or less…..  Here are the sites I shop:

Google is the ultimate price comparison site.  I suggest you google every supplement you want to buy, search the shopping section.

Amazon is often the best for Hyland’s Homeopathics.  Can be generally good for Biotics Research brand also.

Vitacost just be sure to read the shipping expectations before purchasing.  I’ve not had a problem.  A friend has.

iHerb is a favorite of many.  I haven’t bough there yet.

Beyond a Century has some good prices also.  I haven’t bought there yet.

Total Supplement for many supplements that  normally only available through practitioners.  Good experience to date.  Good prices; free shipping.

Rite Care Pharmacy also has many supplements that are normally only available through practitioners.  I have not bought from them yet

Herbal Remedies is cheaper than NutraMedix site for most the NutraMedix herbs.  I have seen comparable prices on Amazon though.  Haven’t bought here yet.

CelleTech for some single remedy homeopathics.  My favorite for wild nosodes!  I hear that they have some good remedy kits too.  There is a Lyme Series….have to find the site that said about that as they don’t list this in the catalog or website.

Mountain Rose Herbs for some bulk herbs. Great company.  They don’t have some core Buhner stuff 😦 But what they do have is good. Olive Leaf, Smilax (not powder…), Cat’s Claw ($8 per lb of powder!!!), Blood Root.  All Organic, Fair Trade, and Ethically Wildcrafted, if my memory serves me correctly.

Still want to find a site for Standard Process/MediHerb.  Same wish for PleoSanum and Pekana.

I do NOT like Swanson Vitamins.  My grandmother buys supplements there for cheap and she loads up, orders before she needs more, etc.  I have muscle tested her (had no bias regarding Swanson then) to the same supplement/herb but from different lots.  Both were sealed, both were still within date.  The result in muscle testing was drastically different quality.  This muscle test was repeatable and consistent in every single person present, which counted to 4, even when we switched who did the testing ( tester with no knowledge of what I was getting at).  My impression of Swanson has been crushed.

*I don’t make money from directing you to any of these sites.  Just helpful resources for me to spend as little as necessary and still get quality.  Any website suggestions are welcome.

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