Hello World! – again. :)

Sheesh, I haven’t written since August! I’ve been basically feeling good since then!! Some ups and downs. I got another shot of the immune therapy in September, 5 weeks after the first one. I’ve had a few herxes to certain bugs. Some ups and downs, seem to catch the things normal people get. I’ve continued Advanced Cell Training – really has a synergy with the immune therapy I got, and also started LDN 1 week after the second immune shot.

More than anything I have enjoyed feeling GREAT – not 100%, but my symptoms are WAY reduced. My energy is good, my focus and mental clarity is back, my joint pain is decreased….my sleep is good. I will post my symptom numbers next week to update, there has been improvement from what is in the page you will open at present. I do have ups and downs, but my downs, well – heck, I went hiking in the middle of a flu!!!  I’d say I’m doing pretty darn well for my downs!

Big News! I traveled by train to Florida and got my certificate in Access Bars. Then in late November, traveled by train to Texas. I spent 5 weeks there with my dear friend Jan. Then I took the plane to California (first time air traveling since I was a toddler – big deal personally and big deal to those who know air travel is hard with history of chronic Lyme – ricking relapse) and have been here for almost 2 weeks (doing alright). Spent time with a very kind and fun friend, got to see so many beautiful and amazing things – Fern Canyon, where Jurassic Park was filmed…. now I am a little more in-land spending a week with my “miracle sister,” Kortni. She is a good friend and is doing really well for 5 months post-back-to-back liver transplants. I got my first immune shot the same week she got her transplants… I jokingly say her miracle is bigger than mine. She says it’s not. Hers is definitely more dramatic, haha. Here is Kortni’s Blog. We have been adventuring and playing with her dogs.

I will start my job for room and board really, really soon. Soo excited. I can barely believe I have moved across the country. All I can say is God put it all before me and made it work out great.

Since moving, the POTS has steadily decreased and now I take the tiniest dose of licorice, and have not had a POTS spell in several weeks, except for when I stretch my neck and it pops or something extremely strange like that. This week not even my neck has caused a full spell. Sooo thankful. The travel and poor eating throughout it has woken up a few bugs, but we’re cracking down on them this week. Interestingly, it’s the viruses….Maybe I should find another immune shot, idk. I’m not going to worry. If I need another one, God will provide. So far, frequencies have been a very effective quick remedy for the situ. And with ACT, my body is seeking out all the strains and eliminating them permanently.

As I learned from Andrea when I stopped in New Orleans: Laissez le bon temp rouler! – Let the good times roll!