♥ Thyroid….

So three days ago I got to start taking real but natural thyroid medication. 1 grain. All three days I have had enough energy to do some things. My room is clean…I can see the floor, and even some horizontal spaces other than my bed are clean. Heck..my bed is even clear! I’ve gone out into the scorching heat a bit and even if I didn’t feel great I was able to get through ok…and not be 100% wiped when I came back.

I did have an hour or two spell of too wiped out to do anything yesterday, but it came back after I did some serious tapping and drank a green drink. I wiped because of something emotional…hence the tapping.

I love it….love it…love it! I just hope it will stay. I have some gumption to get up and take my empty water bottles to the recycle bin, to get up and make myself a little snack – even a little meal – rather than keep sitting there and either not eat or just have a green bar.

The codes from my ACT class last week definitely managed to help my neck and joint pain a bit too…I noticed those improve before the thyroid, and since then it’s gotten even a point better.

Happy dance…. and no, I’m not manic and I’m not moving furniture around (what I do when I’m manic-ish). It’s amazing to just feel a little bit functional. I’m being sure to rest anyway and let some of that energy go into healing me… 😉 .


So…..I got to go to the rally! That went wonderfully. All the other Lymies there and my extremely kind roommate were the BEST! Wow….we understand each other. To me…that was my summer vacation. It was certainly hot enough, LOL.

Ok, so my writing skillz aren’t so great at the moment. Honestly it is an effort to write something that has any coherence at all.

Life is moving on, we are in a new season. Sumer is my favorite because that’s when I generally feel best. Enough sunshine and warmth (yikes…avoid heatstroke!) and finally – a friend to have fun with during it! Natalie and I have already been through some stuff together – I wondered where things stood and if a local friendship was worth it for a week. But yes it definitely is. When there’s a bump in the road you talk it out…even if you are too tired to talk it out. The weekends of pretending to be well are over – so we mostly just relax and go take a walk outside or stick inside and watch a movie. I got to see Eat, Pray Love, after all this time! It was really nice. Oddly enough, I liked Italy and Bali but didn’t care for the India part so much. Didn’t expect to feel like that!

There are ups and downs in how I feel. This week things have been a bit better – between Gary’s codes and new chiro.  Oh and…..something has helped my sleep tremendously.  I think it is the phosphatydil choline and getting enough potassium and magnesium.  I’m just glad something is working right now…

My family and I had started seeing a chiropractic neurologist, and he’s actually in the same state….better yet, under 100 miles away. I already really like his approach – I am getting hopeful that maybe we can fix the structure that has my neck and shoulders sooo messed up. We had an appt schedule for today, and I found out last night that parents cancelled it bc we are getting 1/2 a grassfed cow. Ok so yeah I understand the necessity at this point (and what lead to that necessity), but DANG!!! Just get my neck started being worked on and now I can’t see him for 2 months unless I pay to see him myself. It is so freaking crazy. I feel like I had the rug pulled out from under me.  I’ve seen chiropractors to help my neck here and there but could never stick to a program due to various things – namely, distance & expense.  I’ve bene through the routine before.  Start correcting the problem.  My neck holds the adjust for 3-4 weeks and then we go back to square one.  God….please NOT again.

I’ll see if I can possibly stretch appts 3 weeks between appts, but that feels iffy. If I could afford once every 2 weeks it would be ok.  This is just insane…I always try to have a tiny monetary cushion. But I’ve been using this monetary cushion up… down to $140 that is not absolutely reserved to something I have promised. I can cover 2 appts with that amount…but will be short for more.  I have some that I have absolutey promised to certain things and don’t want to go back on my word – I’ve seen enough going back on one’s word, that I don’t ever want to be the one doing it.  I hate it that everything is sooo stinking tight. I know God will provide for what I need…but at this point it is skin of the teeth, and it’s pretty hard to trust anything when family does things and doesn’t tell you.

I guess I could run an online auction…that’s a good suggestion.  Not sure what to auction…  I guess soap?  Someone will be all over me to be a sales person…ugh.  I have a couple ideas but I don’t know if it would work.  Aside from this sudden short-term need for money – I was specifically thinking of trying to raise enough to get a water ionizer/alkalizer and BioMat – super excited about that idea because they will be useful even when I’m recovered!

Here’s to hoping…