Getting Organized

I feel like things are just falling into place!  🙂  I spent three days last week working on the family soap business, on the business/networking end.  LOL…not my favorite thing to do but I was doing it and it wasn’t draining everything I had.  I also was catching up on an unwritten to-do list and mentally planning out the things I must do for this week.  I think another layer of brain fog has fallen away!

Last week’s class was good, and I finally have begun to feel some good reduction in my joint pain and some change in my circulation to me hands and feet.  It’s not all better yet, but we are getting there!  It was the grinding-snapping-popping,-creaking-“Masticating” painful joints and the cold hands and morgue-like feet that weren’t seeing much change at all until last week.  LOL, the other night I was getting ready for bed and took my socks off.  Though my feet were still ice cold, my toes were wonderfully fleshtone.  I got such a thrill that I took a picture.  What a change.

Saturday night I seemed to be having a focused herx.  I was a bit tired, I couldn’t handle a multi-chat very well, my right wrist (the worst of all my joints) was hurting more than usual and my feet were once again cold and blue.  I had this premonition as I was going to sleep that Sunday I wouldn’t feel very good.  Bummer.  I slept pretty deeply and in my own dreams I was herxing mild-moderately.  I probably did herx most the night but slept through it!  When dad woke me up…I felt good!  Woot!!!!

Yesterday and today my joint pain has been down from a 7 to a 5.  My energy is definitely better.  My neck pain is a 3.5 today.  Brain fog is at a 2?? And I’m sleeping great.  Maybe I’m sleeping a little extra right now, but it is some awesome sleep.  🙂 So back to what I need to do today!  (Well, first I’m gonna make a page for my then and now symptoms list 😀 )

:) Back from Ga Trip.

Haven’t written in a while.  I didn’t feel like writing just before leaving for Ga, LOL.  Anyway, last Tuesday we piled in the car and went down there.  Some friends let us stay with them during the trip…thanks so much!  🙂  We enjoyed yall and the hospitality.

I spent Wednesday at the clinic, helping out with what I could throughout the day.  I went in to say hey to my favorite DTCM while he had some time.  We talked for a bit and then he did some acupuncture for my neck and joints, and then we chased the moving symptoms around for a little while–including dealing with a strange sensation I got in my head.  He kindof gave a heads up on what was going on.  He said that my thyroid was stressed…needing iodine.  He caught on to emotional stuff too.  He said that there was some virus/parasite thing going on in my lower abdomen.

At lunch I got to tell my LLMD that my ultimate hopes are to go to SCNM, and he loves the idea.  I am gonna sign up for College Plus for next semester…I’m ready to get back to learning.  After lunch, I had my ACT class.  I absolutely LOVE these classes.  I feel very connected with my “classmates.”  I hadn’t had an internet connection so I was unable to send the weekly email to Gary which would have helped him focus codes for me.  But nontheless, the class felt just right.  And man, did they hit the parasites!

A couple hours after class I finally saw my LLMD, and he muscle tested me and generally did not find any bugs.  WOOT!  He was pretty impressed, I think.  Now one thing I should say here, that I found out from my good friend who is also a patient of my LLMD:  the general overall weakness to the bug(s) will go away first, but there may still be disturbances with those bugs in organs and various locations of the body.  The testing then has to get super-specific to your problem areas.  But it is major progress when the bugs aren’t showing at first glance.  I promise that I will soon post a list of my symptoms and where they were when I began vs. where they are now.  My LLMD also said my thyroid was weak:  Needing iodine.  He said emotions and brain were weak as well.  (both my LLMD and my DTCM tested and found these, but had not talked to each other.  He went over a couple labs he had drawn last week.  My DHEA was flagged high, which is behind the anxious nervous feeling and likely my difficulty sleeping.  Is it perhaps also why I am late for my period? My D3 was flagged low…  and my T3, though in range, could have been better.  So, my supplements have changed a bit.

Wednesday night I tried to sleep but my mind raced, and I felt like I was having an emotional herx.  Glad to have that behind me.  I took melatonin once I was through the rough part of the emotional herx…I had to let things be thought through.  I finally slept and slept well.  Got up early on Thursday despite having only about 5 hours of sleep….and felt fine, until the afternoon.  Then I got that crispy-fried edge of a headache and grumpy feeling.  We drove to a soap supply warehouse in Atlanta and picked up things necessary to make soap, and for making dishwasher and clothing detergent that is far less toxic and pricey than the conventional cleaning agents.  On the way back we ate Mellow Mushroom.  I swear they spiked that pesto with weed, JK.  I got hilariously mellow…  Mom and me were laughing at half of anything we said.  It was so funny I nearly peed my pants.

Friday we went to see the wonderful chiro.  He helps all of my family…GREATLY.  I’ll just talk about my appointment.  It makes me feel selfish to just write about my own and not about my mom’s or bro’s appointments…as they were pretty cool to watch.  Anyway…  Before adjusting me he had me take a gomongic dose of vit D.  LOL…that made me feel really good, I needed it.  My whole right side of my body had shown weakness and also my left upper quadrant—he worked on that.  My muscles hadn’t been able to support my neck very well due to this.  He said my adrenals weren’t working, and he fixed a pretty obvious misalignment in my back (that bone had actually been hurting!!).  The adrenals not working right is the reason for the high DHEA.  I felt it when things started working right…it was like I had taken a chill pill. LOL.  I was typically sore after the appt for a couple days…but there were spells when my neck pain was VERY low…and now, half a week later it is only at a 3-4 instead of the original 8-10.

I spent the whole of Friday evening learning to make Duct Tape crafts with my friend Anna.  Then we had a little sleepover.  It was such fun!!
Then on Saturday my Lymie sista’ Heather came over and we cooked up a wonderful breakfast!  We talked about the awesomeest stuff and and laughed to Weird Al.  I also showed her my progress with ACT!  We were celebrating every little bit of progress.  She also has me wanting a BioMat, LOL!  Soon after she had to go, I got all fatigued.  I was pretty sore while cooking breakfast and maybe had overdone it.  As the day went on I got mildly depressed.  We went to a Reformation day party that evening and I was bad and ate 4 marshmellows , O.o!!!  At least they tasted good.  We went to our host’s house pretty early cause I was so tired and didn’t feel like making any more social effort.  Anna came home from the party with us and we went back to serious duct taping 🙂 .  I felt good while duct taping.  It was like I could work the stuff out.  And of course little Dixie, Anna’s Aussie Shepherd, couldn’t give me enough kisses.  Eventually I was just laying on the floor with Anna and Dixie running and jumping over me, LOL.  It felt good to lay on that soft carpet, I must say.  Once it got to be 11 or so, we said goodnight and all went to bed.  It was a good evening…and a good way to end the main time of the stay.

I woke up the next day feeling pretty rotten, despite feeling that I had slept quite deep and well.  And I was so tired and depressed(but not really hopeless, more like numb…and seriously needing interaction with people)…and I felt like an idiot for eating those marshmellows.  Thankful for friends who are so sweet and encouraging…who see through my well-practiced act that I’m “perfectly fine” when things really aren’t.  After church and the church lunch we headed for home.  Oh I was zonked tired, but felt soo lonely.  I texted my friends for a short while and then finally went to sleep.  I cried several times…it was like water works got turned on and I couldn’t turn it off.  I didn’t want to cry.  The roads were crazy with traffic despite it being Sunday, our total trip time grew from the usual 6 hours to 8.5 hours, ugh.  Just before night fell, I texted my chiro and asked if he could help me get out of this funk.  I was wondering if hormones were bonkers bc of things trying to normalize after the adjustment.  I wanted more vit D.  He said to take some big doses of vit C instead…and that really helped.  I also craved egg yolks, so I ate egg yolks for dinner at Cracker Barrel.  LOL.

Yesterday I felt near normal though tired.  My neck pain was definitely lower than a 6!!  woohoo.  About nightfall I began to get depressed again, so took more vit C.  Also craved egg yolks again…so I stirred some into my punpkin soup.  I figure that if I get such an odd craving, I should listen to it!  I thought it made my soup even yummier anyway.

And Yay….today I feel like my good old self, but more relaxed and with a better sense of humour (even though I still haven’t started my period!).  I also split my FB accounts so that I have a personal one and a Lymie one.  I’m already loving it.  So things are actually a lot better then befor eI went down…but getting used to  the changes was a bit of a ride.  I always feel like a repotted plant after seeing my chiro…and that’s actually good thing.  I always feel better than before, once I get through it.  🙂  And I even enjoyed a cup of decaf coffee this evening.  I’m getting to where I tolerated coffee, high test or decaf 1-2 times per week!  Oh what joy to have this freedom.  And I can cream it without feeling worse because of it!