Top 10 Symptom List

Was = Sept, 2010.  I started ACT in Oct, 2010, GAPS diet lasted 2 months Dec-Feb 2011, took a break from ACT but restarted in April, and started seeing chiropractic neurologist regularly in May.  I will list my best time between Sept and now, which was November 2010.  I had many ups and downs since November 2010, and got a life-changing immune therapy in August 2011 and since then it has been steadily uphill with all my therapies working together: ACT, immune therapy, chiropractic neurology, Access Consciousness, natural protocol w/ LDN, nutrient dense GF diet.  I also think it is vitally important that ACT coded me for the immune therapy I recieved.  Now = As of March, 2012.

1 is least, and 10 worst.

I will give both intensity and frequency (how often).

  1. Joint pain (all)   Intensity – Was 7-9. As of November 2010 it was a 5. Now, 5.5.  Frequency – Was 10. Now 6.  Better by 35%
  2. Fatigue   Intensity – Was 8. As of November 2010 it was a 6.5. Now 3.  Frequency – Was 7. Now 2. Better by 75%
  3. Brain fog   Intensity – Was 5-9. As of November 2010 it was a 5.  Now 0.5.  Frequency – Was 9. Now 4. Better by 95%
  4. Tendons/ligaments/joints tight/snapping/popping/grinding, etc.   Intensity – Was 7-9. As of November 2010 it was a 5. Now 8. Frequency – Was 10. Now 9.5 . Same
  5. POTS “Omnisensory fizzle-outs” when standing or changing position   Intensity – Was 8, Now 2.  Frequency – 4-7x per day. Now only 1-2x week IF it happens at all! Better by 98%
  6. General Muscle pain   Intensity – Was 3. Now 2.  Frequency – Was 5.  As of November 2010 it was a 3.5. Now 1. Better by 60%+/-
  7. Neck pain   Intensity – Was 9.  As of November 2010 it was a 3.5. Now 5.5.  Frequency – Was 10. Now 6. Better by 50-60%
  8. Stomach upset & No desire to eat accompanying the upset   Intensity – Was 6[stomach upset] & 10[no desire to eat]. As of November it was a 2 & 0. Now 1&0.5.  Frequency – Was 6. Now 2. Better by 90%
  9. Insomnia & Poor sleep   Intensity – Was 7. As of November 2010 it was a 1.5. Now 3.  Frequency – Was 6[insomnia] & 10[poor sleep]. Now 1&2. Better by 80%  Oddly I would say my sleep quality is better now than even Nov 2010…so shows perhaps an inability to judge accurately.
  10. Poor blood flow & Hot-Cold temp intolerance  Intensity – Was 9. As of November 2010 it was a 6. Now 3&6 (split the two symptoms apart).  Frequency – Was 8, now 5. Better by 65%
Chemical Sensitivity is GONE, went from as bad as it always is to ZERO with a few questions.  I had associated chemicals with lies and fakeness.  If you were breathing what you/your body considered lies/fakeness, how would you feel?
If you are chemical sensitive: How do you feel when you consider your chemical sensitivity?  What is your body telling you?  AND  What amazing and incredible God-given ability do you have to detoxify and neutralize chemicals with no harm to you that you have not been willing to receive?  RWGBPPA9SBB.  Thank God for Access…


  1. Shannon said,

    June 5, 2013 at 4:29 pm

    Hey! I’d love to chat with you about your lyme journey/treatment! Do you do ozone saunas? I have considered adding these to my protocol


    • January 27, 2014 at 5:51 pm

      Hi Shannon!
      Sorry for not replying in a timely way. I have not logged in in a very long time. I have done ozone saunas. You have to be very careful to not breath the ozone fumes… They were nice and I felt very useful for mold exposures, but I was already past the Lyme part by the time I tried it.

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