Lyme Presentation Outline 05-09-10

Lyme presentation outline 05-09-10

my presentation for the grade of my final in English class, expository writing.  I presented the Lyme PSA that Andrew Seeley spoke in. Thanks Lymenaide!!!!  And I also handed out LDA’s “PROTECT YOURSELF” Lyme prevention sheet.

Lyme is a spirochete bacteria, there are only 3 strains of borrelia that are tested for in the US: Borrelia burgdorferi, Borrelia afzinii and Borrelia garinii. But there are over 300 unique borrelia strains worldwide.


Ticks, officially. But Lyme is intracellular, it gets inside the red blood cell. There fore, if it can transmit one red blood cell it can transmit Lyme disease. This opens up the possibilities to any blood-sucking insect: Moquitoes, fleas, bedbugs, lice (which are known to carry Borrelia recurrentis), and horse flies. Because it is intracellular, this makes sexual transmission of the spirochete quite possible, especially considering that syphilis is a spirochete, and is known for it’s being transmitted sexually and through the placenta from mother to child in the womb. There have been cases documented by Dr. Alan MacDonald of miscarriages caused by Borrelia infection of the fetus.

Other infections transmitted by ticks: babesia, ehrlichia, bartonella, anaplasmosis (two kinds), RMSF, STARI, mycoplasmas, hepatitis, herpes viruses, CMV, coxsackie virus, and EBV.

Symptoms include:
a flu that won’t go away
erythema migrans (bull’s eye) rash – only occurs in 10-40% of Lyme cases
joint pain and swelling
tachycardia and palpitations
remittent fever
pain in the organs
brain fog
hallucinations (any single sense or a combination of the senses)
mixing up words/slurring

Misdiagnoses include: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, ALS, MS, Parkinson’s, even Alzheimer’s.

Chronic lyme infection has been linked to strokes, lymphoma, and leukemia.

Difficult to diagnose and cure

Hope: the successes I know of

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