Lymie To-Do List

Lymie To-Do List

1. Get up

2. Survive

3. Go back to bed.

I changed my FB profile picture to this list…It’s really good, LOL.  I tried to sleep around midnight….but like it has been lately such torture.  This time I couldn’t bear it anymore after 40 minutes.  In trying to close my eyes…my headache got worse.  Instead of pressure and weight down the middle of my head, I felt like an axe had been driven in down the center to the deep middle of my brain.  And tingling at the crown of my head, little zaps.   Strange, I know. I couldn’t handle it, I was in tears so quickly that it was ridiculous.  So I got up and cracked my laptop back open.  The pain I’d had all day relented for about an hour…2-3 am.  I’m still feeling more mentally alert, the headache is still there but its not as bad.  And I want to take advantage of the moment and get my school papers done.  Notice I’m writing in paragraphs and complete sentences again.  One paper is closer to done; the other, well, please pray??

I’ve been tempted to switch to the zombie shift…as the human shift obviously isn’t working out.  I get the best rest in an afternoon nap!  So why not make that my “night?”, at least for a while.  I have to survive.  I feel like I’m gonna die if I keep trying to do the “human” shift.

Yesterday I got up at 9:30 and got my little lemon drink together and got to school.  I was in time for class, but felt like crap.  Thankfully not as bad as Tuesday…but that may be because everyine in the class weren’t all talking!  Then there was a test in my next class.  Ugh, had to leave my phone up front, with everybody else…It still smell like 20 women’s perfume! Spike my headache, why don’t ya??  I went home, I ate, and I went to take a nap.  A package had arrived so I spent probably an hour skimming the book I got, “Healing Lyme” by Buhner.  Yeah, I finally caved and now own all the Lyme books I can afford.  LOL.  Can’t wait to read them!!  Anyway then I laid down and slept for TWO hours!!  🙂  It was lovely sleep.  Then I got up and got my internet connected and checked email and FB…hadn’t done that all day.  It was now 5pm…

At 5:30 I was over babysitting for my friend.  My headache had begun to roar…but I still have a high tolerance for headaches thanks to the one I basically had for years!  LOL.  Still not fun.  I got home about 10pm, and wanted to watch the last half of Food, Inc. but PBS had already pulled it from their server 😦 .  Oh well… So I chatted with Jessica and my Lymies and then went bed about midnight.  Now you know my day.

I’m sitting here…It’s now 6:30am, WP is wrong…need to fix that.  I still have mental energy, but I’m not feling so godo as I did at 2:30!  Not sure whether to go to bed…or stay up and just focus on surviving 6 more hours awake, get something done. Or I might not get anything done, I feel my function going down as I write.  I can do input apparently.  Output, not so great.  I’ll sleep probably 2-3 hours, then get up go to school come back and go to bed.  Then if I could a full night’s worth of sleep in during the day.  I can feel decent at night and get my schoolwork done.  Heck if it’s warm tomorrow (more like in a few hours!), I’ll take a sleeping bag outside and lay down on the empty part of the garden.  I need outside time…outside air.

Eh goodnight…morning, whatever.  I’m on the zombie shift now.  LOL.  Yeah, survival is what it’s all about.  Have fun.  I hope this zombie shift doesn’t last for long.  I’ve never given in to something quite this bad, ever.  But it’s been 3 weeks.  Gotta change something.

Hoping to go to Appomattox to be with my friend Jess for a week…and then hopefully Ga will happen in June.  We’ll see.  Once no state to be trying to get my driver’s license.  But God can provide, I have to be content to accept either way, NC or Ga….  🙂

I think I’ve crashed

I don’t know where the “real me” has gone or what happened to me.  Coudn’t fall asleep till 6:30 am last night.  I bounce between a normal bed time and reasonable amount of sleep down to 2 hours per morning of sleep several times in a single weeks.  I’m about to go crazy.  I was a zombie in class, completely overloaded by the group conversations for completing the work we had.  I just put my head down on my book during class.  I couldn’t read.  I was so tired that tears flowed…those silent exhausted ones that thankfully others don’t notice.  My neck hurts, my guts hurt, one rib feels I feel so disconnected from everything, not even sure what happened to my normal positive self.  Will I ever get out of this hole.  Yeah, I’ll get through this.  But that sounds like pure mamsy pamsy.  I wish I hadn’t done school this semester, or had dropped the english class when I still had a chance.  That paperwork still isn’t done, even though I’ve tried.  I’m sick of trying.  I give up on living a human schedule.  I’ll sleep when the sleepy feeling comes, i don’t care how long that is.  I’m considering just going to bed between 5 and 7pm, heck 3 pm even….and getting up whenever I get up, no alarms clocks.  And make the classes I have feel more like an afternoon or evening thing.  Idk…gotta do something.  I just wish I were able to go see my LLMD…spend a week at the clinic, sleeping in the hyperbaric chamber.  Can’t wait for summer.  I’m fed up with sick, I’m tired of being so far away from any help.  GOD, I NEED YOU TO PLEASEEEEEEEEEE  GET ME A WAY DOWN THERE and the money and transport to get there with!!!

Late Rambling

It’s late, Im pooped.   My paper’s gonna be late, I’m pooped, and I don’t care…physically.  Mentally its torturin me.  I should be asleep.  But per usual…I’m tired but not really gonna be able to sleep good.  Grandparents spent the weekend here.  That has been a mix of stress and good and more stress.  They’re leaving tomorrow, I’m happy.  Wow this is some serious free writing.  I should go tape some garlic to my wrist, it’s about to kill me! My brain is blitz…spent it all on helping Pawpa when he called.  I don’t care too much for MLM, and get all skeptical when it sucks in my favorite grandad…but I think the stuff is ok.  I hope it really works.  Had a good day.  Got up late, went to church.  Played techno music on the way to church..lotsa good “kidney” tones 🙂 . The sermon was wonderful….that part that stood out to me was coming out of a spiritual desert.  Ate some stuff…all people ever bring anyway is dairy something so then I get all bloaty later.  Fun.  But it tastes good.  And the fellowship is worth it.  Then I got home and zoned out for a while.  Can you tell I’m in no condition to write a paper or even edit one???  Where was I?  oh, my day, yeah.  I ironed some clothes cause I felt like it.  Wearing a fun hawaiian shirt dress over some chopped off pants, LOL it actually looks kinda cool.  The KC clothing style of all time.  And hey yeah…I’m back up to 131 WOOT.  I may still be wearing my “tight pants” but at teast they feel normal again..and not on the droopy side. Went outside, and read the last half of a Palmer sermon.  I didn’t finish it last my week…so I reread a little of it to remember what it was about.  It was good, on the truth of what Elihu said to Job even though Elihu (is that even the right name??) had misapplied this truth.  🙂  It was good, god is absolute, and unchanging in nature…how wonderful that REALLY is.  We flip-flop so…  Got me some D while I was reading….and YES, I was bad and had some dairy-free ice cream.   Why dairy free after eating dairy at lunch?  Idk, but it made me feel better.  I doused the sugar hype with 4 cinnamon pills and a cup of some wonderfully beery kombucha!!!  Yeah I like that more than the ice cream.  LOL.  I got on Fb for a bit, whatever.  Wanted to take a walk, never happened.  I made my lemon olive oil thing and drank it..this was like 2 hours after my dairy/non dairy stunt ROfLOL.  That tasted REALLY good to me today LOL.  I can’t believe I wanted to take a couple days off of it.  That MUST have been some kinda mean critter in me talkin.  I guess it still is…succombing to ice cream, Good grief.  I can’t wait to be rid of whatever that thing is…but I gotta not do any more ice cream, huh?  LOl.  I helped mom cut some soap she had made…that was nice.  but that set my wrist on fire, bummer.  I really should have done what I said I would taped some garlic to it.  I’ll edit this mess some other time.  No…college paper is not getting done.  I’m gonna sleep…once I find that bit of tape for the garlic.  Someone is going to think a tornado went through the bathroom.  Let ‘s just hope a family member doens’t call the police as I go rumbling through there looking for something sticky.  LOL.  Night. ~Rambler KC


After school today I went with my mom to the Goodwill to help her find a Hawaiian shirt for the Luau she’s going to with Dad tonight 🙂  It’s an LC thing…  I hope they have fun.  It was fun to COMPLETELY GOOF OFF!!!  🙂  LOL.  We’d find the most riduculous looking stuff and just try it on for the heck of it.  She and I both found some clothes we really like.  And my brother got some cool hoodies.  I got a bunch of summer stuff to wear in May…for Paint May Lyme Green!  Yay LOL.  Green is a good color on me, has been my favorite color since I was little,a dn these awesome shirts really are my style.  🙂  It’s fun and funky.

Thankfully I slept well last night…the night before I didn’t fall asleep till 6:30 AM and got up and went to my 11am class.  Crazy.  Then after that I talked with somebody from ACC.  That was pleasruable.  Once I got home I got the shower I had been avoiding and went to the Y to do another session of sauna.  My brother came with me, and so once we were done we walked down to the park and we swung on the swingset!  LOL…Dr K’s saying that swinging is good for glutathione methylation simply elated me.  I had the marvelous excuse to go play on a swingset!!  See….this stuff CAN be fun.  And he also gave me the excuse to walk around barefoot–gotta get my silica 🙂  hehe.  Yeah I’m in a good mood.

I’ve been doing the liver cleanse drink for three days now, and I have a feeling I should pulse it.  I don’t know if that’s my intuition or the Lyme and yeast talking.  I’ll make the drink tomorrow and if I can’t stomach it, I won’t drink it.  Today was the first day it seemed strange to me and made me burp.  But thankfully I did weight almost 130…and I’m hoping it’s the drink that’s doing it.  I finally gave up on taking anything at all of my previous supplements except for the minerals, because I’ve felt so off.  I also tried cheese products again for three days, but whether it helped me gain any weight back or not, I don’t know.  I do know my pain skyrocketed.  So back off it again…craving it now, ugh.  LOL,  it’s always a roller coaster ride and sometimes it’s bumpy.  But it’s best to pay attention to what you must and then just enjoy everything you can.  🙂

The fact of the matter is…my body may feel low, but my spirit is soaring high 😀

An Evidence-Based Review

Chronic Lyme…  Great slide showing the truth about lyme being chronic.  Thanks ILADS!!!  🙂

Interesting week

Wednesday after school I went with Mom and my brothers to Durham and met up with my mom’s old college roommate, and her five kids.  We spent 6 hours at the mall, and the only thing we bought was a meal.  And for three people to do the hyperjump.  The rest of the time was spent talking, getting reacquainted.  It was a nice time with them.  At the end of the evening we tried out the hyperjump, that was fun, and surprisingly gentle, due to the good trampoline and the industrial rubberbands hooked tot he harness to slow the fall and make you spring up.  I decided I was going to enjoy it, call it moving some lymph fluid and try it!  🙂  It really was pretty neat–and indeed, my normally swollen lymph nodes were so much closer to normal.

As soon as I got home Logan was calling me on Skype, so we goofed off on there for a while.  Somewhere in the middle of that though…a nasty depression hit me like a while.  I knew to tell myself that toxins had just been released from places in my body, and my body had to filter them out.  It was true.

Thursday was going alright.  I felt better…and it felt like a new day to me.  Depression gone like it had never been there, YAY!   June asked me if I had bene losing weight…I didn’t know that the lack of 5lbs was visible!  I knew my tighter clothes were what I was wearing but it still showed?  Wow…Oh well, I’d been staying within 130lbs for a few days, thanks to those shakes I was fixing.  I assured June everything was ok, I wasn’t losing any more, and had contacted my doc.  It is nice that some people are observant enough to notice a detail you never said, but a little shocking too.

I had finished schoolwork, and was excitedly digging into “Cure Unknown”!  I couldn’t think well that day, so I gave up on reading and was online and got to have some fun with Logan over Skype…he’s got amazing guitar skillz.  I went and did sauna after that, :).  Then some muscle pain began to set in, in both my arms and legs.  Perhaps sauna was too much, or it was taking this long for my muscles to just say “bulk up!” after the workout they had gotten on Wednesday….  Who knows?

After dinner, I started on some of my writing work.  Within minutes I had fallen asleep and awoke 40 minutes later.   I had my laptop still open on my bed.  It’s amazing I didn’t knock it off!  I skimmed Facebook, and something very distressing had been posted.  Thankfully what had been posted turned out to have been in error.  But, it was really affecting me, I did not sleep till 5 am…

I woke up early Friday, wrote an email and got to school.  The morning was not easy, I had a hard time physically getting going, and my bag falt way heavier than it really was.  My arms and legs didn’t just have muscle pain, they felt like they were filled with lead.  I just got through, thankfully it is a vague pain, but the sensation makes you not trust your step or movement at all.  Got what I needed to done there.  It didn’t really matter, even though the class on dementia and then on hallucinations was kind of funny–and sad–but funny.  The instructor told the story about her father, in the later stages of cancer, having hallucinated that some man was stealing his lawnmower and always sent her out to get the man to return it.  🙂  LOL.

I got home, and DIVED into my weekend.  I thank God for the kind words, the simple “cyber hug” that was so badly needed that I read in my inbox when I got home.  I was admonished to “be still” with a  short passage from Psalm 46.  I will remember this, I promise.  It means so much!

I spent an hour outside Friday, sitting in the sun with mom.  That was nice.  I discovered during this that though my arms and legs felt weak and heavy…I was really limber!  I could stretch farther than normal, but wasn’t as good at, say, lifting something with weight.  Kind of odd feeling.  And we listened to B0unc3 again…Hadn’t listened in a while.  It was nice to hear the different style.  I took a 2 hour nap, and I vividly was dreaming all sort of scenarios surrounding what had been on FB.  I woke up, feeling as if it was morning though, I’d slept well…  It felt like a good morning.  But the sun was setting, not rising.  I had a nice evening anyway, and went to sleep listening to Judy Rogers “Never Be Shaken” album around 2:30 am  The final song on there “Refuge” is from Psalm 46…  But the second song “Be still my soul” seemed to speak more to me and helped me.

I got up today at 8 something…  I checked my weight as I’ve been doing every morning for almost 2 weeks now, and was alarmed.  I had dropped to 128lbs, so the process is not only still going on, but the stress tipped it over and it went back to the nearly a lb a day rate that it had been at before I added in the shakes!  Also my first urine was quite cloudy…some mornings it is like that, esp. during a detox.  This was pretty cloudy, even for me.  But I didn’t feel awful, my spirits were flying high, I knew to take note of these things, but worrying is useless.  I was sure to start eating right away and just got on with my relaxing day.

I ended up taking an hour long walk with my brother, Gabe today.  We walked in the cemetery near our house, I was barefoot on the hot pavement.  But I didn’t care.  I was playing music, and randomly, discoordinatedly dancing along with the techno, and Gabe would roll his eyes.  Once I handed him and earbud an we were walking side by side…We’d break into Lymie/nerdy techno antics together, and sing our hearts out to Caramel Tanzen in German.  It was really fun.  I knew I was tired and my legs were feeling so heavy, but with the music giving me a boost I kept going and made the walk last one lovely hour.  I got home and was exhausted.

I cooked dinner a couple hours later, that was fun, and quick.  Dinner came out delicious even though the wine was not fit for drinking!  🙂  Mom was in the basement, making soap for the first time in about 2 years, and I was upstairs in the kitchen, cranking the techno music for the gumption to complete the meal.  That made things feel a little funny, but it can be gotten used to.  I like that she is doing the soaping stuff without me, she needs to.  The basement makes me sick, and I’m not interested in being a soaper, and I have too many other things to do.  LOL…mom is soaping in the soap “kitchen”, I’m cooking in the real kitchen.  So it was good on two fronts.  And dinner came out awesome.  Pioneer Woman’s chicken recipe was good, and we fixed it w/o the pasta!

Then I came to my room and checked FB…yeah I’m addicted to FB.  Michaela had let me know of a Home School Alumni chat, so I joined in on that.  It turned out to be really nice, a  wonderful connection with things “gone by” but not “gone by”.  It was certainly a good diversion from had become the normal for me, despite the “norm” of my putting my herbal drops in water, right in front of the webcam and my brothers randomly walking in and informing me that I had tick-check duty!  Yes, Gabe had a tick on him…Ugh, first tick of the season for anyone in our family!  I mentioned Lyme…but didn’t let it become main topic.  Those in the convo friended me on FB, they’ll hear plenty later…no need to pound on it.  We talked music, tobacco, alcohol, literature, and the old South, and also had the fun of chasing off a few party crashers that where creepy, paranoid and jealous over nonexistent girlfriends.  LOL.

Ahhh….so its been good, and now I’m still awake at three.  What’s it matter any more, LOL.  Sweet dreams all.

Keep my weight shakes

So in a week I just dropped 6 lbs….not what I was wanting!  Been feeling bad to go right along with it.  Once I felt “not me” enough to have consistently checked my weight for a couple days, I was like…this one ain’t getting any futher.  I may be nauseous and have no appetite, but I’m not losing anything more!  So far I haven’t thrown up…which is good

Started making myself some shakes to have to keep from dropping anymore.  Eating solid food too of course, but sometimes a thick liquid is where it’s at.  I’ve been throwing things in the blender, hoping they come out tasting good.  I never go by a real recipe…I just walk into the kitchen grab a few things that happen to look good to me at the moment.  So far it has tasted good.  LOL, I discovered my favorite one yet today: strawberry spinach.

Recipe—amounts are not exact.

1/2 cup organic rolled oats, pulsed dry in blender till flour/meal

1 cup organic rice milk

2 raw free range eggs

blend that together, then add about 3/4 – 1 cup of any fruit you want.  I like blueberry, strawberry, and strawberry spinach, LOL

🙂  The days I don’t drink that, I lose a few ounces…the days I do drink it, I maintain or gain.  I knew something about the drink was right when the first time I tried making it…my nausea went away for about an hour.  Nice reprieve.  🙂  Some may think its disgusting but I think it’s really good.  Hey, I always have tended to eat what suits me–even if others find it strange.

Also got a bunch of books! YAY.  Had a fun time at the mall yesterday.  Laying low today even though I feel a little better.  got back from doing sauna almost an hour ago.  Now I want a nap.  Not really concentrating on anything for a normal life.  I’m bored….feeling this way is driving me nuts.  I just want to play computer games and lay around outside in the sunshine, just go be alone and enjoy things.  But I’ve got school to do and work to do.  Thankfully it’s not torture…my brain just isn’t processing anything.  That’s when you have to sit bakc and take things all in third person, let it sweep by you rather than letting it pull the carpet out from under you.  🙂  It’s a pretty day.  Naptime, LOL.


When at Whole Foods a couple weeks ago I was in the herbs section, and I pulled out the Sassafras just to smell it…such a lovely smell.  But I didnt buy any.  Then last week at Deep Roots, almost without looking, I had grabbed the jar of bulk Sassafras bark and was opening the lid.  I wanted to smell it…and also have mom muscle test me to it.  It felt SO strengthening to me.  I sniffed it, and my nausea went away for a second, in the true essence of root beer.  I got a strong intensification of my headache, but as quickly as it had intensified, the headache completely left, and it took some of the brain fog with it.  🙂  SOLD, I put 2oz in a little baggy, numbered it and went looking for other neat little goodies that you find at organic foods coops.

My friend, Kay, was with mom and me at Deep Roots, and she said “Oh, I have sassafras growing everywhere in the woods behind my house.”  I was like…wow, maybe i need to go out there and collect some myself.  Have you ever heard the theory that if something in an area makes you sick, then there is also something in the same area that will cure it?  I don’t know how true it is, but I do believe that God provides things we need within our reach.  Going to timbuktu for some miracle cure may not be how things ar emeant to work.  Well, I was reinfected with Lyme, in Kay’s back yard…  So, is sassafras where it’s really at.  And also the bite that likely got me sick with Lyme in the first place, was also most likely in this same area, the same county, to be exact.  There is a chance that I was infected in WV, but Alamance, NC is still more likely.  Besides, sassafras grows in WV too!

I have always loved sassafras and root beer, but there was one drink I liked even more than Root Beer!  It was Sarsaparilla, which is Root Beer (sassafras, a bit of ginger, and a little wintergreen) plus Sarsparilla, giving it a more specific taste.

I just remember being a kid, 10 or 11, and Dad had discovered this old independent gas station out in the country.  He took the whole family there in the sun-baked teal Volvo, and he went inside to get us a “treat”–It was probably something he hadn’t had since he was a kid living in Iowa.  He bought a couple bottles of Cream Soda–the real stuff!  And he also saw Sarsaparilla by the same people, so he bought that in case we didn’t like the Cream Soda.  It was all in the old fashioned glass popcap bottles, and some obviously small-buisness brand.  Well, I liked the Sarsaparilla, and so did my youngest brother.  The others in the family prefered the Cream Soda.  Well, mom liked either one.  I remember sitting there in the burning hot car in the middle of summer with the rest of the family enjoying the drink. I may be combining memories, but I think we’d sometimes go out there and get some soda from that gas store and then go for a hike in the woods.  We would run up ahead and trailblaze, pretend to be spying on mom and dad, acting like monkeys in the trees, and randomly rough-housing like kids do.   Mom and dad would let our lab/collie dog, Sophie, run free out there because living in the city she got all cooped up.  Sophie was always herding us, making sure nobody got lost…  So yes this was a time in our life of a lot time in tick-land.  It was nice, but I promise you we never checked for anything after we got home.  LOL.  So there is another kind of connection…this drink, and highly likely Lyme exposure then.

I find it very interesting that sarsaparilla is reported as useful by enough Lymies for Rosner to have written of it in his Top 10 Lyme Treatments book.  Sarsparilla was used as a syphilis treatment….  And Sassafras has been used for the same purpose in Europe!!!  What’s even more amazing, my youngest brother and I are the ones that have Lyme!!  We both truly loved Root Beer, and were ape over Sarsaparilla.  The rest of the family didn’t really find the difference in that and A&W very amazing.  At that time, we all were consuming the average American amount of sugar, so possibly having a little decent  herb something in a soda pop would have made a small difference.  My brother, whose Lyme has always been more neuro (he’s had more neuro sx all his life), has liked Root Beer and Sarsaparilla probably 2-3x more than I do, it was the ONLY soda pop he would drink.  My Lyme had a slow progression…read it in “about me”….and at 10 or 11 y/o, I only really had headaches and a hard place in my neck to show for it.

When we were going solid on a better diet, when I was 18, I found a recipe for making your own traditional healthy Root Beer, lacto-fermented.  I wanted to try it so badly, but didn’t have the equipment.

Who knows?  Maybe it’s about time for me to try adding sassafras, and eventually sarsaparilla too, to my Lyme arsenal.  I’m little scared to ingest it though from the bark that I bought, due to the whole safrone thing.  So I’m gonna have my LLMD tell me if I can take it or not…Very tempted to smell it, or take a bath in it anyway.

Here’s a cool sassafras website: The first article is interesting…considerthat  it’s the deer eating the sassafras.  Wonder if its keeping common Lyme infection in the deercontrolled?  interesting thought.  Is there much sassafras up north as compared to down south, and what are the deer-lyme death ratios in correlation with the sassafras trees being around for the deer to eat????   Will be neat to see more on sassafras at a more human friendly hour, LOL.  I’ve spent my insomnia for now 🙂  LOL, brain fog till about 3am but no sleep, then…bang, and my mind is flying on intellectual stuff.

Love to all, goodnight

Strange week

So I woke up at 11:30 this morning. I had missed 2 classes, one of which is a test…DANG.  I can make the test up but now my highest possible score is 80.  I dropped off the paperwork that was due.

Something very strange is going on.  I’m still functional, but I’m not as functional as I have been.  Too tired, feel a bit unsteady, and having a little nausea and my appetite is down again.  My weight has dropped by 5 or 6 pounds…in just 7-10 days.  Not normal, especially since I’m in the “gain weight” time of month.  The time I get really hungry is about 3am…I’m too tired to get something to eat then.  Getting about 2 meals a day.

My sleep pattern has been as wacky as it gets.  Each night since last Saturday:

1am-2pm = 13hrs

4am-9am = 5hrs

12am-8:30am. this is normal… = 8.5hrs

3am-9:30am = 6.5hrs

7:30am-10 or 10:30am = 2-2.5hrs

4am-11:30 = 7.5hrs

All of these nights except for one I was in bed by midnight and trying to sleep.  It is just screaming how strange it is to me.

So anyway…sending the info to my doc.  I knew that my supplements were beginning to feel a little bit off, and I was beginning to have harder time remembering to take them (usually this means I’m weak to one of them).

Well… 🙂  God is in control of it all.  So…I just keep going :).  Sauna again today…hoping to actually do some work too.

…Steady goes it?

LOL…I’m doing better overall, and fairly consitently.  LOL it’s like everyday I’m cycling symptoms, a few that seme to last a few days.  Not sure what’s going on.  Today I started out feeling awful…despite a full night’s sleep.  Dragged myself to school, had a headache, some nausea, felt unsteady though not dizzy.  A little twitchy.

Finally got to go and do sauna again.  Thankful for that.  I had tried to do sauna myself in the hot van on Sunday, but that didn’t work like I wanted it to–not hot enough.  The YMCA finally had it fixed and open today.  I plan on going tomorrow if I’m not in bed!  LOL…it normally takes me out the next day.  So I went in, and this lady came in about 10 minutes later.  She and I talked about detoxing, and she loves doing sauna after swimming for a while.  That sounds really nice…maybe I can do that when I’m a little better!  Usually the pool makes me so cold I can’t stand it…  Anyway, I hadn’t bene talking Lyme at all.  She asks me if I knew anything about Lyme disease…LOL I must walk around with an “I have Lyme, ask me any question you want” sign on my forehead???  I was like “Yeah…I’ve got it.”  And a wonderful discussion ensued!  So that was kind of amazing.

I felt better after sauna, and then went with mom to Deep Roots, in G’bo to do some organic shopping with a friend.  When I was at Whole foods the other week I had smelled some sassafras in the bulk herbs.  At Deep roots I smelled it again.  WOW….I think my body needs it.  Do other Lymies do well on sassafras?  And what does it do for you??

Not everything we eat is organic, but mom is cutting all GMO, adn we are going organic with any grains we touch–unless we’re eating out, which is not often.  We already are low/no sugar, so that helps a lot.  Cook almost everything at home.  So now we are cutting out all GMO foods…a good step since the DNA of GMOs set up pesticide factories in your gut.  Then we went to  so our friend could pick up things there.  We ate at Moes afterwards…I think I succeeded in low carb!  Rice was the only carby thing in there…mom told me that the cornchips would likely be GMO unless they were organic.  So…we asked.  It’s conventional corn.  I miss my corn chips!!!

After that we went to prayer meeting.  That was good, a pastor and his family had come because they were on vacation and wanted to meet our pastor, John Otis.  So we prayed for our congregation and theirs…we believe all of faith is for all of life, so we pray about the big and little things.  It really is wonderful.  It really touched me when Pastor John also prayed that God would heal me from the Lyme, in whichever way God chooses.  He prayed for other people physical infirmities, no matter how trifling or great.  Nonetheless, it does mean a lot.  Had some nice conversation after the prayer meeting, about the Federal Vision heresy and how things are coming to a head in the PCA on that.  Just read “Danger in the Camp” by John Otis if you want to know more…it is a 3 inch thick book on why that teaching is anti-Christian to the core.  or feel free to comment and I can direct you to a few online free resources for you to know more.

In the past 2 week I’ve gotten a little more functional.  Studying more consistently for school!  YAY.  And also putting in some hours of writing/research work.  I’m soooo happy to have this job now.  Just trying to manage everything…it’s busy, and then with my body deciding to be good about sleep one night, and crazy the next…I don’t know what’s going on.  LOL, I wish a sleep study were free…study me for a week.  Haha…if there were something consistent about that.  So anyway…I’ve basically bene out all day, and now need to sit down and get on the clock for working.  I don’t want to work 6 hours on saturday for slacking off during the week.  3 is ok…but 6 is ridiculous.  LOL.  Also have a test to study for and a paper due on friday.  Now, wonder if I can SELL a kefir paper…not too likely, unless it gets to the point that I’m writing for a newsletter.  Hey…that would be cool.

Goodnight and sweet dreams…I’m going to bed at midnight, and no later!!

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