Home Again

We got back from our WV trip on Saturday evening, and promptly went over to our friends’ house, had dinner and played Texas Hold’Em.   Here the summary of the entire week:

Mon: ACT class listen in, listened to Alvin to try get all I can! FB had a DramaBook day-stressful though not really depressing.

Tues: Travel to WV from NC, which means lots of latitude ups/downs.

Wed: I helped mom cook, took it easy to get acclimated to my new geographic location. We went to visit my grandmother and help her but she got mad at us and wouldn’t let us in…LOL, what a story.

Thurs: I worked open blisters into my hands by raking two big sections of dirt over the grass in my Pawpa’s yard where the lawn was sinking due to rotting tree roots. That evening, I vacuumed my grandmother’s house and did some major cleaning work in there… Took Alka Seltzer Gold because I felt “on an edge”

Fri: I helped mom cook, mopped two wooden porches (1.5-2 hours job), FB had turned DramaBook so I took my anger out on those porches!, and that evening I fertilized the yard. Then went shopping on top!

Sat: Stressful morning, travel back to NC, and had a good evening of poker with friends! [I actually understood the game better..Lyme fog normally descends after the first 5 minutes. This time wasn’t until about 20 minutes in that the Lyme fog started to hit]

I’m actually pretty excited about all this.  I haven’t worked anywhere NEAR this much on a trip in a very long time!  So some kind of change for the healthier must be happening.  Is listening in to ACT and going ahead and playing the CDs having THAT MUCH of an effect on me?  I’m thinking so, and cannot wait for my real classes to begin.

It is mid-Sunday.  I’m tired from the trip, but I haven’t crashed.  I could write lotsa’ details but won’t.  The basics are: I was feeling fine even though I was sleeping in a house with major mold issues and eating peanuts (which normally give me a mycotoxin headache).  I also broke my diet a few times by eating lots of a dairy and, yes, I indulged in a couple sweets!  Still chugging along.  I didn’t continue the practice of eating sweets today.  Sweet stuff is supposed to be a rare treat, and a rare treat it will remain.  My endurance and strength is what has seen a major change for the better–basically fatigue and weakness are not overpowering me.  Pain levels are basically the same.  Emotional and mental energy are varying a lot.  The difference is subtle and deep, but I think obvious.

I am continuing the get-to-bed-at-a-decent-hour challenge with a friend on FB, and we are kicking the competition up a notch!  Yipee.  This is a very good thing to do, if you really want to turn your schedule around.  There is nothing like incentive and competition!


I’m headed up to WV on a short trip to visit Pawpa. Actually writing this in the car with awesome techno music by Jesse Valentine BLARING, Woot!! 🙂 I’m already enjoying the trip, and look forward to seeing Pawpa. Just hoping the trip doesn’t last too long, because on the way up I’m already not looking forward to the comments that Nanna will likely make. I’m not depressed, merely pondersome, being the introvert that I am.

One can’t help but sort through what hurtful things have been said before, to figure out how you will arm yourself for whatever they will say in the future. It’s little things that you remember….people aren’t dicounting or demeaning in in their speech all the time, but what they doo say cuts like a knife. I am sure to be questioned: Do you have a job yet? Do you have your license yet? Aren’t you going to continue your education (after all it is shameful to graduate at 35…)? I don’t look forward to those questions. Oh and did you know I am the world’s oldest 20 year old?

Yes, I’ve been applying to jobs, but my options are still limited, and I haven’t gotten a call.

No, I haven’t gotten my license yet. I actually feel like I could drive and be okay at this point, but the car that I would be practising my driving in has the steering messed up till it is hard for an experienced driver to manage. The risk is not worth it.

And yes, I am continuing my education, albeit unaccredited at this moment. I’m not lazy. I’m just doing what’s best for me, in God’s plan for this time. Don’t judge that, or hold it against me that I’m a freshman undergrad at 20. I’m smart, but my body does not handle a conventional campus environment very well at this time. Do not blame this on my mother or the fact that I was homeschooled. And also…there is no shame in graduating at age 35 if that is the best one can do. It is not a sin to graduate late. I even study too much very often on my own, letting this infection of Lyme run my mind until I cannot sleep sometimes. It is a brain infection, I try not to talk about that. When Lyme is in the brain, what happens will feel crazy. It is crazy. I don’t want people to think I’m crazy because I’m not. I just mix up my words, occasionally staggar like a drunk, rarely give in to the desire to headbang, have my emotions swing to crazy places and have to fight them, even have been paranoid and hallucinating. But I’m not crazy. Believe it or not, I am of sound mind. This is what I would like to say. But I likely won’t. Not unless I get pushed too far.

Enough of that, just wanted to share my thoughts there. Many of you Lymie’s know the feeling. What’s amazing is, I have a family who is supportive in spirit. We have the understanding that I fund my own treatment—a happy agreement. There are the issues where familiarity breeds contempt, such as lack of respect for when I should go to bed. But ultimately that’s my responsibility to set the boundary. My immediate family is supportive, but it still hurts when others don’t get it and say things that they shouldn’t.

I’m still looking forward to seeing Pawpa… and the drive is so beautiful.

Yesterday, I listened in to an ACT class. I loved it! Everything makes sense… I was working on a little piece of foil art while listening to the class. When Celeste began reading the codes, my strokes became much easier and were automatically landing where they needed. It wasn’t taking as much effort as before. I also experienced a short while of feeling warmer. I found that quite interesting. Afterward, I was working on something and a spot in my hip, an area that has been extremely sore off/on, got some strong pain in it and warmed up. Then the pain went away as quickly as it had come. I was absolutley amazed because I wasn’t expecting to feel this. During the class, Gary had written up codes for hip pain… so it made logical sense, I had simply discounted it.

I was so excited! I posted the following as my status on FB:
is goin’ aboard a new ship and settin’ sail….to the land of healthy. WOOT!! Advanced Cell Training Arrr, me matey’s!!! Hehe.

What followed was absolutely insane and made my day quite busy. Some people can be soooo negative, it’s insane really. But this didn’t dappen my spirits. It merely kept me occupied with how on earth I would moderate what went on, and it made me intensely curious as to the fallout the event would cause no matter the conqequence (I often feel that I am a student of the logic, or rather, illogic of human behavior). It was wonderful though how people came in to turn the comments around.

Short break

Just stopped by a friends house and spent some time talking about soap, Plumbline Collective, and health stuff. LOL. We’re back on the rod again, Listening to Jesse Valentine and Some SkyMarshall. Ahhh….. The day is so pretty, and the view from up on these mountains is tremendous. It’s all about altitude. 🙂

Bedtime and Pumpkins

I had been doing really good at getting to bed earlier each night.  Until last night, that is.  Mom decided we would make pumpkin soup from scratch for church.  This was because there were no more canned pumpkins, at home or in the store.  So begin to prepare this pumpkin at midnight… It takes an hour to get it to the oven.

Then we go to the back room to watch one of the best episodes ever of DS9, where Sisko gets stuck in a time variance in subspace and Jake lives out his life only seeing him at rare times.  It’s really touching…  In the middle of this, my little brother who also has Lyme comes into the room and plunks himself pathetically right in front of the monitor that the show is on.  Partly severe real need–in fact there was a bit of an emergency, and partly drama that freaked us out cause we were so focussed on the show.  He shot our nerves!!!  His heart was hurting him really badly and so I ended up helping him with that.  This Lyme stuff can be really crazy.  I think he let himself get way too acid when playing soccer earlier that afternoon, and didn’t do anything to help that.  He said he had several severe almost black-outs during the game and after…having to take breaks.  Its crazy what one will do, and be willing to go through, just to have fun on a special day.

After I had him take what was needed and his heart stopped hurting, he finally went on to bed.  Then we had to work on the pumkin.  Fresh gimongic pumpkins don’t have anywhere near the same flavor that canned pumpkin does.  Not sure why but that’s a definite.  Mom had also boiled some chicken and the broth it made was very stong and completely took over the taste of the soup.   So we stodd in ther tryign to get the soup to taste right for forever.  By that time our nerves were shot, we were both exhausted and we were snapping at each other.  The lesson is….never make pumpkin soup completely from scratch beginning at midnight.  If you go by the recipe with the canned pumpkin it only takes 10 minutes to put together.  What a contrast!!!

We got to bed about 3 something am.  I was too tired.  When dad got me up to get ready for church this morning I was so out of it, and very groggy like on the edge of sick.  I went back to sleep and got up in time to wake mom up and get ready to just go to the worship service.  She was super out-of-it too.  I crashed right into dad’s side of the bed and kept myself awake long enough to call my bro and ask him if he could make it….he had that same consuming exhaustion and told mom it was up to her on whether we went to church or not.

I fell back to sleep, and was quickly dreaming.  What I dreamed, LOL!!!!  I like my dreams….they are interesting things.  Of course they also let me know what I’ve bene thinking too much about.  Seriously, dreamign that Dr. K showed me how to do craniosacral (I don’t even think he does that in real-life….just recommends it.  And also dreamign that I go to an afternoon lunch with my NY friends, but I’m in new England instead of Va, where my NY friends live….and Dr. H is there…and takking about dessert, of all things.  ROFL.  Also dreamed some more “normal” stuff but it was so normal that I’ve forgotten.  I just love my dreams when they are stress free…  Finally woke up at about noon or 1pm.

Haven’t taken my supplements on any kind of a schedule today, because of the weird time to get up.

Thankfully it didn’t take too long to dive into my project of the day.  I got another email about my JudyLyrics website–needing an update for Judy’s latest album, Blessed, and a minor word correction.  LOL, one of my hidden talents is beginner-level HTML!!  🙂  hehe.  I had bene stalled about getting the site update though.  I had custom made the buttons using Paint, and a font that no longer exists, I had uploaded it using a program I no longer own, and the passcodes to the website I forgot a LONG time ago.  Wonderful combination to actually be able to get anything fixed.

But I realized….  WordPress is perfect, I can have a new look, and with a little html reformatting, I can have a fully revamped and updated website!  So I have worked on that all day…something I feel is a godly Lord’s Day kind of project.  so I got everything set up!  I need to send an email to Judy tomorrow with the update, and already shared this on FaceBook.  Take a look!  http://www.judylyrics.wordpress.com/  My only wish is that I could remove the timestamps on the posts.  I’m pretty proud of it…  LOL.

Tomorrow is gonna be all volunteer-work.  Oh! And I can’t forget to listen in as a guest of the ACT class tomorrow!!  Actually setting that on my phone to remind me.  I really don’t want to miss it.  I guess I’ve been feeling pretty decent lately.  🙂  Now back to correcting my sleep schedule.


Yesterday, about 2pm, as we were leaving to go get the paperwork in the mail I suddenly got to feeling really warm.  I got brain foggy too….  Then I was fine again at a bout 4 or 4:30.  I felt at the time like it was a mini-herx, or my immune system kicking in and running a small fever to kill some bugs.  The strange thing is that I was very “Attention Deficit, Oh! Shiny!” during this spellof time and after.  Seriously, I would pick something up to read and I would skim it enough to comprehend just a word or two…and then my attention was diverted.

Was up super late last night again 5:15am.  Wanted to go to bed at from, but by maternal decree I had to stay up later to accompany her to dropping my brother off at work and coming back.  I’m going to be setting boundaries on this practice…it is not good for me to stay up into these crazy hours, esp if I am sleepy and wanting to go to bed.  It was more difficult to go to sleep once I finally went up to bed.  Once asleep my dreams were very busy and vivid.  At the end of my sleep, I was incorporating pain into my dream…my heart was hurting really badly and I was continuing to do whatever, but taking note that it hurt.

Then it hurt worse and I woke up.   Pain was still there–that part is not a dream.  Man, my heart’s beating real hard. What time is it??  It can’t be morning already!  I reached over and grabbed my phone.  almost 11am.  My heart is still pounding….I’m still really sleepy, maybe I’m still dreaming.  I get up and powder my nose and come back to the bed. Nope I’m awake.  I don’t remember a pain like this lasting so long.  I had probably been sitting in my bed for 5 minutes, so I took my pulse.  88 bpm, that’s not too terrible.  But my normal rate is 64.  After about 10 more minutes the pain subsides and I don’t feel like my heart is beating so hard anymore.

I took today really easy because of this.  Throughout the day I’ve been careful when getting up and sitting down because those fizzle out spells have been very severe.  Had several of them today where I just completely rested my weight on whatever was closest that could hold me.  The most work I’ve done all day is to mix up my breakfast and help mom to make a meal tonight.  That and running up to my room for things…about 3 or 4 times.  Once I’m up and am sure I’m not going to have a fizzle-out spell, it is perfectly ok for me to run or whatever.  So I at least got the exercise of taking the steps 2 at a time, LOL.  I go up the stairs like that so much that it is often harder to go up them normally! Hehe.

It is strange to have short phases of these various symptoms.  I have only had my heart act up 2 times.  Once was when it skipped a beat and I felt like I was being stabbed, back in Jan 09–that was a very rough herx but I was in the perfect place for it.  And then, as I was beginning to relapse in Oct 09, I didn’t have heart pain but I had a normal-slow-normal heartbeat.  That odd heartbeat variance lasted for at least a month, and at the time my potassium was just high enough to flag on a blood test.

A good friend let me know for sure that my kidneys were stressed so I took the Washington Homepathic Kidney remedy, it tested better than anything else.  Funny thing, when my kidney’s are getting stressed and I’m on B-vitamins, I find myself intuitively refraining from taking any more Vit B.  It’s like it’s just suddenly too stressful to process.  Kindof interesting to note.  This friend also gave me assurance that I was having a localized herx causing the temporary heart symptoms.

As for doing anything today…I’ve just read some things online and watched Star Trek DS9 and Inspector Lewis.  I’m running at about that speed.  I want to be studying or doing something, but it all takes too much concentration and energy right now.  At least these are the days that having conversation with people on FB works out really well…. 🙂

Getting with the Program

My physical energy is picking back up to more normal levels, but my mental energy isn’t all the way back yet.  Friday and Saturday I went shopping at the thrift store with mom. Finally got some good jeans to replace my raggety taggedy ones, and a few nice shirts.  Wow, only 1 green item.  Hey, hey!  You Lymies know what that means!!!!  Yesterday, after church I listened to some good stuff and changed out my summer/winter clothing and put the new clothing away.  🙂  It really was a lot to do, but I enjoyed it….and it was relaxing.

I’ve also gotten paperwork for ACT, filled it out.  I’m sending that in today!  YAY.  I was surprised by how long it took me to fill out.  I was expecting 30 minutes.  It took 3 hours instead.  I’m perfectly fine with that….the more details there are the more clues there are to help deal with things.  I’m so excited about the program.  Good “vibes” about the entire thing and everybody there!

Last night I made an accidentally gluten free cornbread.  It’s non-GMO too!   That cornbread is really good, but it did have dairy in it.  Oh well.  I’ve been breaking the rules a LOT on dairy lately.  Thankfully all the probiotics I’m taking seem to help.  I’m getting in the odd habit of putting the probiotics directly in my mouth….it seriously doesn’t taste bad!  LOL.  Yesterday I had a greens shake for breakfast.  I loved that!!!  🙂   I may do the same today.  Hahah, it’s 12:32 and I haven’t had breakfast yet.  Not bad considering yesterday I didn’t get up until 1 in the afternoon.  I had stayed up all night that night.  Last night though a friend on FB said “Why dont’t we have a race for who gets in bed first?”  That was awesome!!!  It worked to get me to bed at a better hour.

This week I’m gonna try and get back to my studies.  Get my brain back online.  I also still need to get the RMA to return the amplifier I had bought to build the rife machine.  If ACT works, I wont ever need a rife machine…because my body will be acting as it’s own rife machine.

Labor Day Weekend

It’s not anything exciting in the way of a holiday.  It’s still a holiday to me even if we don’t do anything special!  I told mom and dad about ACT.  Still need to discuss more and get a chance to show them the DVD but they both seem excited and willing.  It’s only a matter of a factual agreement at this point…

I think I’m finally coming out of this suspiciously long “retracing.”  The sinus stuff is mostly gone.  Still have little omnisensory fizzle-outs, but that’s ok.  My energy yesterday and today were much closer to my usual before the craziness began.  It’s like my body just used that one day of knock-down fatigue to recoup and get through the major stuff.

I was actually more busy yesterday.  I finally shaved my legs too, which says without a doubt that my knee and hip pain is down.  The only symptoms really unignorable were the twitch in my right eyelid that won’t go away, some joint pain and my stiff, sore, grindy neck.  I muscle tested myself and got on a more appropriate supplement regimen.

We went to a party in the evening and had a nice time celebrating a friend’s graduation from college.  She got her teaching degree and we’re praying she’ll find a good job!  I was even really bad and had a slice of chocolate cake.  Nope, it didn’t even taste really good.  I won’t punish myself about it; it’s ok once in a very rare while to indulge.  I was still good to myself in what way I could by immediately fixing a strong cup of green tea and putting in 2tsp of cinnamon!  My insane tea concoction actually tasted better than the cake.  Go figure!

Once we got back from the party we watched a really touching episode of Inspector Morse.  I took some melatonin to help correct my schedule so that I could actually get up and go to church.  I swear melatonin reduces pain!  Seriously, it is sometimes tempting for me to take some in the middle of the day because it reduces the neck pain, especially.  The nerves/joints/tendons in my wrist also don’t fire off electrically or gather up the deep pressure as much when it’s in my system.  I just want to know what that means, LOL.

I did go to church.  Pastor John’s sermon on Romans 11 was excellent.  There were a lot of good points.  The theme was Salvation by faith alone, and not by works nor by bloodline.  He exposited God’s excluding Israel as a nation because they had rejected him, but this does not mean that God will not save individual Jews.

I always follow along using my Italian Bible, Diodati translation.  This week it seemed easier to comprehend the Italian than last time!  Part of this could just be that I’m warming up on the language again, but I think some of it is clear improvement in brain function.  When I wasn’t doing very well, Italian was just a jumble of letters.  I tried to use my English bible for a week or two, but didn’t want to lose my efforts in learning Italian, so I switched back very shortly.  It has been a slow improvement in my comprehension of Italian, beginning back in June or July.  My Italian pretty much began coming back with the sudden recovery of many random memories.  It was nice to notice a jump in my comprehension and reading speed.  It makes the sermon richer to see the subtle translation difference.  Often the other translation serves to bolster the truthful impact of the preaching, and at other times it will make one aspect sparkle.  Never yet have I seen a contradiction or somewhere that meaning did not carry from one language to the other.  What’s that say for the integrity of God’s Word?  🙂

The meal and fellowship afterward was good too.  The conversations are always fascinating, and sometimes funny.  Thankfully there was enough selection for me to opt out of dairy and still have a nice big meal.  One strange thing happened though…  I was eating and listening to the conversation.  Suddenly I felt like I was removed from my body, a momentary “paralysis” and sudden effort maintain connection with my own faculties.  I don’t know what that was.  It wasn’t like my fizzle outs: I could see, I could hear, it just didn’t really make sense and I couldn’t express.  It even felt difficult to hold my head up for those few seconds that felt like forever.  (I would welcome comments that would put a name to this phenomenon!)  It did take 5-10 real minutes to recover from the episode, and my appetite was instantly wiped, so I asked dad to finish my food…the best part of it, too.  Stuff like that has happened before, even occuring regularly from about November until about April…  It was easy to shift into my old “survival mode” and not talk about it until I was alone with mom.

I feel just fine now.  Actually have some good energy and want to put it to good but moderated use.  🙂  Looking forward to tomorrow.  It’s the Lord’s Day, so I try not to work on things (like job applications, LOL).  But I did just make a to-do list to help get it off my mind’s worrier burner.  I think I’ll enjoy a glass of water and go on a nice walk with some Reformed Rap!

Forget the Car

After a long day of pure fatigue, a “lightheaded” stomach, and a stiff neck I post as my status:

fatigue (n.) weariness from exertion such as sitting up or standing, lethargy,
tendency to prostrate position, desire for salad and strawberries alone,
mental wit with all outlets for expression exhausted [excluding FB].

I’m not depressed in the least.  I’m still in that interesting frame of mind where abstract is foreign and holds little meaning.  Another side of my sense of humor seems to have come out too.  I like it.  I was taking the day as it went, and pondering objectively.  My emotions have bene in balance today.  Still, I’m thinking “It’s times like these, that make me wonder how in the world I could make a steady income.  These down spells have got to stop.  I can’t even accomplish volunteer work or my daily reading schedule.  I’ll find an answer….it’s got to change.”  A friend posted that I should tap for the fatigue, so I did.  It definitely helped!

Then I was wanting to make a page on my blog (my mind got busy and I had the energy to sit up a bit, see!) about things that help resolve a herx.  That’ll be up sometime soon.  I also wanted to see if I could find that page that an FB friend wanted me to post to.  This led to a sort of renewal of hope for a quicker cure:

I have been saving up to buy a car.  But I think I may be redesignating that savings!!!

Who has heard of Advanced Cell Training??  Well, when I was still really sick back in February a bunch of people were “like”ing ACT on FB.  I just wanted to know what it was, so I asked for information.  I got the information packet, which I merely skimmed, and also a courteous phone call, about which I remember little:  just that the concept made tons of sense but I couldn’t afford it even at its modest price.  I put the information packet in a pile of other things and forgot about it.  Until tonight.

See, the thing I was looking to reply to was related to the ACT FaceBook Page.  I couldn’t find it but some comments on the pages were impressing me.  I don’t go for the straight up “we’re trying to sell you something.”  It was nice to see clients of ACT interacting, I could see the change, compared to FB postings from months earlier.  Their negative tones had faded away, and I didn’t even notice until I was seeing their happy chatty banter on the ACT wall.

I just had to find that packet.  Where did I put it.  Dang, I wanted to be asleep at midnight…it’s midnight and my mind is saying giving me the great big “Research Time:  this may be the answer” billboard.  There’s no way I can sleep now till I know some more.

Aha!  there’s the packet!!  I skim the notarized testimonies and read the articles in the magazine thing.  I put the DVD in the drive, and watch it.  I am sitting  in bed and 12:30am watching this marvelously nerdy video full of the spirit of free enterprise.  AND there is so much good stuff in it that I’m sitting her clapping or saying Amen.  I’m normally only this excited about a sermon or Klinghardt or some geeky rap-to-your-health.  This is good stuff.  My inner skeptic is screaming, but it’s been screaming long enough.  The principles are sound, and I know it.  The inner skeptic can just shut up and decide to cooperate with my soaring hope and prayers.

I’m now thinking…got about $700 in the bank saved up for a car.  Eh, forget the car (what use is a car if I’m still too sick to drive), what if I were to spend that on ACT???  That will cover a good few sessions, and I can at least make some progress.  I really need to secure a way to pay for this for as long as I may need it, as I’m seeing that alot of people are getting about 18 sessions?  My amount will cover 11.  Have to talk with mom and dad, see if they will finance it when I run out of money.  That is, until I have my own income.  My hope have also been re-inspired to re-re-reapply for jobs.  I don’t want mom and dad to have to pay at all, but if they do, then they have a few months to set aside a bit until I run out.

So, no answers until tomorrow and now I must quell my racing hopeful mind.  Sleep…  🙂

Also, if this works:  I can’t wait to show it to my LLMD…he’ll be liking it a lot too, woot!

Sinus, Spine, Earl

Just a quick update….should get to sleep.  Stupid to be up at these hours.

Sleeping better, even if my schedule is crazy.  I try not to stay up ridiculously late…but I keep ending up finally stopping whatever I’m doing at this time.  Maybe it’s because my body is warming up at night.  I’m like ok or cold all day, and then warm up at night which gives me energy.  Some nights though I feel like my quality of sleep is better than “usual”.  That’s nice, because “usual” is about as thick as cardstock paper.

The sinus stuff is greatly improved.  It was bugsome off/on yesterday until I held a vial from the Apex test kit of “Sinus Relief.”  Made my sinuses immediately loosen and flush.  Have a little bit of congestion, but not a problem, much more normal except that it collects up while I sleep.  Still taking lots of vit C.  Was taking 11grams per day of C when things were bad.  I’m down to 6-9 grams on any given day.  Not changing much about bowel movements at all.

Still not very hungry.  I just eat a bit here or there– almost purely instinct driven.  Had a slice of pizza today, which is the first thing I’ve had that is on my current “no list”.  Didn’t even taste good to me; wasn’t worth eating.  Getting, oh…1-2 meals a day.  I should check my weight…  If my body wants to get rid of junk that’s fine, but I need to be sure to replace it with good–and emphasize replacing if I’m losing weight.  Really don’t want to drop too low again.

Low energy.  That was worse today.  Between the lack of energy and neck and back pain, I haven’t done much.  Mostly spent the day on my laptop, but did also read 100 pages and finish Marshall Fosters “The American Covenant.” and watched an Inspector Morse. Got my Vit D while reading 🙂 .

Also layed down on our chiropractors table with the rolly thingy.  It was set to roll only, and man, did it hurt at first.  neck to mid shoulder it even felt like mild electrostim.  something is definitely out.  My back and neck just suddenly took to being really blah today.  My spleen was also really finnicky today…hasn’t been like that often.  Hope it get’s feeling better.  I think that is corresponding to a general area of my spine that hurts.  My neck feels like there is sand in the bones, muscles and connective tissue.  It’s as if the barometric pressure from Earl is making me go out of alignment.  Even my hips feel off, and are popping when I move.  Walking and standing hurt today…so that’s why everything I did was sitting.  I wish I had a transporter so my chiropractor could beam over here and get me all straightened out.  LOL.

Another thing that’s likely Earl-related is the continued sinus stuff.  mild yes.  yesterday I had my first of the fizzle-out spells since Friday.  Today, I had several of them.  And it wasn’t just on the “normal” standing up.  I could just lean forward and have it trigger.

Actually overall I’m better than during my last post.  But I definitely am not feeling the well-held 65% I was at.  More like 45%.

Want to continue doing the volunteer stuff for AcademyCIM, but my mental ability to scan, skim and copy details with any degree of accuracy is offline.  May not accomplish that this week.  Also I’m behind on my schoolwork…so prioritzing.  Much more adept at in depth reading…  I’m very much in a fluid, knitted, connected state of mental processing.  Not at all abstract like normal; I’m missing it.  Even working with numbers, the relation is too disjointed for me to pick up on it enough to do normal math in my head.  Kind of interesting, there are strengths in this frame of mind.

I think this could be retracing, but maybe it’s not.  What’s I’ve been through has been interesting to say the least.  It is a recurrence of old symptoms, but in backwards order.  This is why I think retracing.  Let’s just hope that every year of illness does not equal a month of retracing!  ouch, LOL.  One odd thing is that even though I may ok to cold…it’s currently very easy for me to get feeling overheated.  Normally I back in heat.  Not now….  Who knows, maybe my body is running a bit warmer and/or my immune system is more activated due to all the vitC

Ordered the QSC.  Have a reply from someone on Rife group about which Instek tone generator to get.  Excited that my LLMD got a video posted the website!  The video is going around on YouTube now, and I’m hoping it will help others.  Seriously considering GAPS diet as per a good friend’s recommendation.  The hard part is a GOOD meat source.  Good thing I’m gonna be reading the GAPS book soon…  TTYL